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Your Life, A Museum

During a conversation with a colleague of mine last Friday as we had our weekly German language lessons in the office, she came up with a phrase I have found extremely captivating… and it’s still ministering to me.
I can’t remember what led to this but she said: “I want to create a museum of my life”

Museums are too often associated with ancient ‘stuff’ that no one really care about anymore. But not always so. A museum is a special place; a place of memories, treasures, uniqueness and openness.

If God was to create a museum out of your life today, what would be found there? Would anyone be willing to visit? What memories would yours hold? Would we find treasures or junk? Worth a thought! How are you building your life? On what foundation are you building? Let everyone take heed how he/she builds so that Christ will be well pleased with us on His appearing.

The grace and peace of the Lord be with you.

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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  1. Thanks Deborah for the encouragement. If you haven’t, please follow my blog for automatic updates to your mailbox.

    God bless you.

  2. Deborah Nalla

    That was great… It’s really motivating and inspiring… May u continue to increas more in God’s wisdom and auction…really need more of this…God bless you Sir.

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