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What Will Be Your Legacy?

In a leadership review breakout two weeks ago, I challenged a group of young leaders with this question: What Will Be Your Legacy? On the backdrop of this session (and question) was my recent post on What Death Teaches Us.

Legacy in perspective

I’ve been encouraged by the responses and prayers that have come in as a result of that post. If you haven’t, I encourage you to read it.

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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy in view of our life’s work and purpose. I believe it’s crucial we live with intentionality.

If we don’t live with a sense of urgency and focus, then it’s impossible to truly make a tangible mark with our lives.

Your character and life must speak louder than your words. Legacy is beyond what you say, but most importantly what you do.

Legacy is defined as “something left or handed down by a predecessor.” What are you handing down to your generation in your lifetime? What will you be remembered for when you’re no more?

Paul: the man and his legacy

There’s hardly a man in biblical history (apart from Jesus Christ) that encapsulates the power of legacy than Paul. His farewell speech to the elders of Ephesus captures everything our life should be about and the legacy we must strive to attain. I’m challenged by words like:

“Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” — Acts 20:26.

That’s a bold and convicting assertion. Unsurprisingly, when we read about his life, we can agree that Paul had earned the liberty to assert himself in this manner. His legacy lives on and continues to shape our lives and faith.

What legacy are you leaving behind? Is your life shaping someone else today for good?

6 questions about your legacy

Drawing inspiration from Acts 20:18-38, I concluded my talk to my group of young leaders with 6 questions to ponder on the direction of their leadership. I encourage you to take time out to ponder the same for yourself.

  1. How are you using your influence? Leadership of title is not your calling. Prove your calling by your humble and selfless service — Acts 20:19.
  2. Are you striving to be an agent of real and tangible transformation in the lives of those in your sphere of influence? — Acts 20:20, 24.
  3. Do you understand God’s expectation and demands on your leadership? It never diminishes — Acts 20:28.
  4. What spiritual example are you being with your leadership? What value are you adding to the lives of those you lead?
  5. What specific areas of your life provide inspiration to others to pursue Jesus? Which areas are not? What will you do about it? Acts 20:27.
  6. How do you want to be remembered? In God’s record, you will be remembered for the live you lived, the impact you made, the souls you touched and hearts you laboured to transform for godliness — Acts 20:31.

Your legacy matters. Your influence matters. Your life matters. Don’t waste it. Live to die without regrets — 2 Timothy 4:6-8.

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  1. Well said!
    Our lives matter…what we do with our lives matter.

    I think one of the greatest “titles” I have is that of “mom”.
    I want my legacy to be that I was a loving wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend because of the love God has given me. I want to pour into others as I have received so freely His precious love.

    1. And may the Lord make it so in your life.

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