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I posted a line on Facebook this evening which I’ve come to take a deeper look at now: “You are better than you think you are… Learn to take yourself more seriously”

How true!

Life will most likely NOT give you a trial season prior to experience, no cooling-off period and definitely no money-back guarantees. But that cannot and must not stop you from trying and giving it your best shot. I’ve found there have been times I thought I was never qualified enough to do certain tasks or projects even before I started, only to realise that I was not only good at it but I was tailored-made for it… consider academics, business, career prospects, spiritual responsibilities, family and the list is endless.

The fact that it ‘looks’ impossible is probably saying ‘I’m possible’. Make that your first clue. So don’t run away from challenges. While preaching recently, I asked the church, “How do you personally deal with tough times?”
A lady responded: “I love challenges!”
I saw those eyes glance at her in shock and I quickly interjected,”She’s right! Don’t look surprised. If you don’t face them, how are you going to make progress? You write a test for promotion”

Yes, life is tough but you are tougher. Life is hard but you are stronger. So get on with it.
You are surely better than you think you are… So learn to take yourself more seriously from today.

Have a fantastic evening.

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