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Wrestling Together

As I prepared for today’s service, I knew it’d be intense; repentance is not an easy message to teach without God’s help but when you’re considering Repentance and Restitution, then you know a double dose of grace and wisdom is absolutely needed. And it proved so!

Yes, there were tense moments and the open discussion approach proved pivotal. Everyone was a teacher. I took on a Facilitator role, rather than the preacher’s. My people poured out their hearts. Notably was the ease with which many shared their personal salvation testimonies and restitution battles. At a point, it was heating up. Questions were flying everywhere. And biblical, personal and practical answers to go with them too. We were open. Beautifully open! I shared my struggles with restitution a few years ago. I shared how (having passed from death to life) I thought it impossible to go back to make peace with uncles and friends I’d wronged. And I wasn’t alone in that battle.
My folks did not hold themselves from sharing about their past openly…and without shame. What shame?! Christ has borne it all.

It was totally refreshing. A sister said to me “Let’s do this again and again, and in this format. This is church!”
I couldn’t agree more. There was a sense of freedom for some; some who doubted the depth of their faith because they didn’t remember the very date they gave their lives to the Lord.
There was a sense of encouragement for some; some who felt restitution was beyond them.
There was a sense of love; we were open and down-to-earth, vulnerable and yet sincere.

I concluded the discussion and study with the following words:

“We are together in this race. We must wrestle together until we get to the finish line, hand in hand we must wrestle. I’m not anymore perfect than you, hence I need you as much as you need me. If we run together and pursue God together, we will find grace enough for the journey ahead of us. Restitution is tough…and God knows that. But the pain of our sins on Christ was even more painful, yet He bore them and forgave us. The pain of our wrong against others (in our ignorance) potentially left scars on them but God forgave us still. Restitution is the least He can ask of us, as we pursue peace with all men. Grace is available. God is on our side”

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  1. How refreshing, this is what church should be like. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Thanks my friend for stopping by and leaving some encouragement. God bless you.

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