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Are You Surviving Or Winning?

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Recently my wife and I visited a friend who had given birth a week earlier.
We decided to spend our Saturday cell group hour with them to pray for the baby and the family.
After a short Bible reading and a shorter exhortation, I made everyone in the room to take turns in praying for the child.

Before concluding the rounds, I felt a sudden urge to pause. I turned to the mother and asked her:

“What one thing do you desire for your son before I pray?”

The question came as a surprise to her. She wasn’t expecting it. She paused awhile, thought deeply and said

“I want God to help him to survive in this world”

“Survive?!” I asked. I was expecting something…BIG

Of course I didn’t express my surprise. She deserved the benefit of doubt.
Maybe she needed more time to think.
Maybe I put her under pressure (I did).

Just that moment, I saw an opportunity to lead on purpose.  Here’s what I said to everyone in the room:

“God wants us to win in life, not survive. ‘Survival’ is not God’s perfect purpose for our lives. When you say survive, it gives the impression you’re not in charge and everything is out of control. God wants us to be in charge, to dominate and live life to the full for His glory.”

She nodded in agreement. Everyone nodded in agreement. And we prayed in agreement. It was a sweet, God moment.

Majority of Christians ‘struggle’ through life and many more are content at that level. No sense of “I’ve gotta do better. There’s gotta be more. This is not the best of me and I’m so desperate for change”.

If we settle for less, life will give us less. But if we push hard for the best, life has no choice but to respond accordingly. Not without hitting some brick walls a few times (trust me, I have!) but one thing is certain when you keep at it – you’ll WIN!

And by God, you will.

Have you recently hit a brick wall in your quest to win in life? How did you overcome? Share your stories and testimonies in the comment box. 

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9 Replies

  1. TestifyTruth

    Amen. The spirit of the Lord lives in us, how dare we just aspire to “survive” with all of God’s nature and spirit and love filled within us?!? May we all yield to the Almighty Father in us and we in Him, to live the abundant life He has lavishly given us, and do His perfect will, amen! Thanks Joseph for this timely reminder, God bless!

    1. Thank you, friend. May we yield to HIM indeed so we live abundantly.

  2. Joseph, 

    Another excellent post.  ‘Surviving” speaks of being content with what is.  We were originally created to exercise dominion and yet we often settle for the common and the mundane.   I love your statement you make – “God wants us to win in life, not survive….”  Thanks for the reminder and the challenge.

    1. Darin, I am grateful for your comment. Your personal story is a huge challenge to me. Keep inspiring others and living bold!

      1. Thanks man.  Very glad we are connected.

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