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Why I Wrote “Wrecked By Faith Beyond Belief”

“Average is NOT a good place to be; it kills vision and purpose. And when purpose dies, what else does a man live for?”

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This week, my guest post “Wrecked By Faith Beyond Belief” featured on Peter Guirguis’ blog: Not Ashamed of the Gospel (NAOTG). And there has been some awesome testimonies from readers.

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Background to the Guest Post

On the 1st of August 2012, Jeff Goin’s widely anticipated book “WRECKED: When A Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life” will officially go on sale. I am super excited for many reasons:

  • This is not just a book; it’s an experience!
  • This book is dangerous, gloriously so. If you are not ready to make changes to your life, maybe you’re not ready for it yet. But trust me, you need it.
  • I’m privileged to be on Jeff’s Launch Team. Along with other writers and bloggers from around the world, we have been working hard to ensure this book creates the needed impact and more.
  • Jeff is an amazing dude with a huge heart for people and leading on purpose; two things I am passionate about.

Here’s Why I Recommend WRECKED

God is calling us to dangerous, brave, sacrificial and bold living, such that will require faith that is beyond human belief. Through this book, God will call you to:

make choices that will crush your average, mediocre thinking and cause you to challenge the status quo.

You will see an example of this kind of ‘wrecking faith’ in my guest post. But that’s just a teaser; delve into this book and discover what the God-intended life truly looks like in our time.

Average is not a good place to be. I have been there before; it kills creativity. Actually, it will kill your vision and purpose. And when purpose dies, what else does a man live for?

If you must be relevant in life, the only way to do so is to be “Wrecked” for a greater purpose (GOD).

I strongly recommend this book. But…

Jeff’s Glorious Offer 

WRECKED – The Book

If you wait to buy the book between Aug 1st-4th when it officially releases, Jeff will send you 6 free gifts worth $158. How’s that for awesome! I wouldn’t recommend what I wouldn’t use. In the meantime, you can download a free chapter of the book.

In case you missed it earlier this week, here’s the link again to my guest post: “Wrecked By Faith Beyond Belief”. I am grateful to Peter for allowing me share what I genuinely believe is an amazing picture of getting wrecked for glorious purpose.

Question: How are you living for a purpose greater than life today?

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