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While leading prayer meeting this past weekend, I challenged my church folks to live a life that will cause people in the city to be drawn to God. If you’re wondering what the God-intended life means, that’s it right there. The Christian faith is mind-blowing; just think of Christ, His Cross and His Cause — simply mind-blowing!


Sunday is preparation for Monday to Saturday

For too long, we have become content with sitting within the four walls of rising cathedrals. We sit and soak in the Word. We raise hands in worship and ‘lose’ ourselves in God’s presence. This is all good and perfect, almost.

However, we weren’t saved and called primarily to fill church buildings on Sundays and do nothing else for the next six days. In heaven, I doubt our ministerial titles count for much… unless we are living the God-intended life on earth.

What we do in church each Sunday morning is intended to be preparatory work for where the actual life service is (what we do Monday to Saturday). We must live and breath what we profess, not some of it but all of it.

Evidence is more powerful than intention

Our world desperately needs to see the evidence of our faith; not just our profession of it. Deeds are hugely important as a Christian. That’s why I recently wrote this message to a network of friends:

“Does God only care about the state of our hearts? I don’t think so. Here’s why: What we do with our bodies (hands, feet, mouth, etc) reveal the true state of our hearts and minds. — Romans 12:1.”

Be authentic in your sphere of influence

We must be authentic people.

Nobody wants to be lied to.

Nobody wants to hang out with fake people.

Agents of change know there’s more at stake. In changing our world, we may not directly influence world events but through the power of the Holy Spirit we can touch individual lives in ways that can only be attributed to the power of God.

And that power is what the world is in desperate need of — Romans 8:19.

Be kind to people, serve humbly, love generously, uphold the truth unreservedly, preach the gospel passionately, earnestly contend for the faith. The opportunities in our sphere of influence are endless.

When we give ourselves away in these simple but powerful ways, we truly show we are sons and daughters of God committed to living the God-intended life where it truly matters.

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  1. 1 john 4:7-8 came to mind as I was reading this. To really show the world our Savior, we must love.

  2. I love this “Evidence is more powerful than intention” It’s so true. Great encouragement & timely challenge for me today, thanks!

    1. I agree, love that sentence!

    2. Ngina, same for me too 🙂 Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work you’re doing on IntentionalToday. “Non-wives” like us are reading too.

  3. That’s an important message Joseph. When you look at being an individual or a group of people that the world gets attracted to because of our Radical actions for God, it just shines a great light on you. Great message.

    1. Thanks Lincoln. Radical is what we should be. There’s nothing ‘normal’ about our God.

  4. And as we touch individual lives we will definitely influence world events.

    1. True. Very true; a step at a time. Thanks David for reading and sharing.

      1. If each of us can make a lasting positive difference on at least one person – that is life-changing for that one person. And who knows what they will be able to do…

  5. YHWH’s grace overflows today my friend. As He gave Oholiab and Bezalel unique abilities for the work assigned to them and prepared the hearts of the Israelites, I am confident that there is already an outpouring on your life. Go in His strength and come back with testimonies.

    1. Thanks man! Can always count on you. God bless.

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