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Vision: What it is

Leadership is intentional and purposeful – you don’t stumble into it. Leaders understand their leadership is crucial to fulfilling their life purpose. The stakes are even higher for Christian leaders.

Great leaders, both in old and contemporary times, thrived (and thrive) on the foundation of a solid vision. If you must make tangible impact and influence lives as a leader, you must develop a clear vision for your life.

This post is the first of a 3-part article in which we will explore vision for leadership – the what, the why and the how. I spoke on these three elements at a European leadership conference two weeks ago in Cologne.

Vision Circle

Vision for purposeful living: What it is

The dictionary defines vision as “being in the state of seeing something.”  The emphasis on ‘seeing’ in this definition is of particular importance in leadership.

Here’s why:

You cannot conceive until you perceive. And until you conceive, you cannot birth or bring to existence. Yes, tweet that!

Vision is the platform on which you can fulfill purpose. It is the foundation on which personal growth can be realized. Ever wondered why many drift too soon, too far? Many a times, it’s for lack of vision.

Vision is not a cliche. Far from it. If you don’t believe me, read this:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18 KJV.

Vision is active, never passive

Visionaries don’t stay idle. They don’t wait for events to unfold around them. They don’t settle for average. Instead, they’re always on a mission. Not passive, but actively engaged on purpose.Vision compels you to live awesome.

What’s your vision in life? What’s your purpose? What’s your relevance? 

The questions are intended to challenge you. Take a moment to think about them.

Vision leads to personal life goals. Your daily activities everywhere should add value to your purpose; otherwise you will waste time and energy.

How do you describe vision? I want to read from you. Share your thoughts.


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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

10 Replies

  1. Donya M Dunlap

    Thank you for your constant reminder to keep first things first!

    1. Thanks @donyamdunlap:disqus.

  2. I liken this to the “big picture”. You have to have something that people can “see” with their eyes, interpret, and strive for. This helps people decide how to spend their precious resources of time, effort, and money. Our vision directly influences that decision-making process.

    1. You’re right David about the influence of vision. I will be talking about that influence in the follow up post next week. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  3. Enjoyed this post and your story. I will register to your site. This post is right up my alley since I mainly focus on vision. I define vision as a crystal clear mental
    picture of a preferable future that God has communicated to an
    individual. The individual becomes so committed to the vision that he or
    she will pursue it despite any obstacles or challenges. It is the
    ingredient that launches an individual out of his or her place of
    stagnation and into forward action.I wrote a post ( last year about the impact a vision will have in your life and the people connected to you. Thanks Joseph for your insight and inspiration.

    1. @bernardhaynes:disqus, Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with your view on vision, you put it so well. I will check out your blog too and see what you’re up to. I loved your post on

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