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What I Have Learnt in 2 Weeks

Tonight was nothing short of inspirational with the Vintage Youth Group in Liverpool. I hosted the finale of TheLifeCourse and it was deeply encouraging for me to see how much progress has been made. Since TheLifeCourse debuted in Liverpool in January 2011, we have kicked off a number of projects. Tonight, we celebrated our success and achievements so far. Let me share some with you:

The O2 GROW Liverpool project initiated in 2011 and led by Yinka Alli-Balogun and Jide Giwa has now successfully formed solid partnership with a local neighbourhood council and together have already secured over £12,000 funding from Liverpool City Council, the National Health Service, O2 and host of others. Now, that is nothing short of amazing!!! Check out their website: GROW Liverpool

Jide Nowoola has now delivered his school speech programme in 6 schools, directly reaching over 2000 pupils since February 2011. I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I am super excited about this.

We made a new discovery tonight: John is a 16-year old with huge eye for enterprise. He recently got to the semi-final of the UK Global Enterprise Competition at his school with some friends. And while his friends seem to have given up, John is determined to create his own opportunity with the Plant-It-Blue initiative. Watching him present his 30% return project proposal and fielding questions made me proud. He was confident and we are already looking forward to this becoming a massive summer project! Bring it on John, we are with you!!!

We are already in discussion on how to encourage and initiate more enterprise projects over summer for more young people. I will share about this in due course.

Finally, we caught up with Dayo Benson, the author of four Christian books, a wife, mother and a female youth mentor based in Liverpool. Dayo is exceptional talent and gift. She shared about her drive and passion for writing, how she started and what’s keeping her motivated to write some more. You should check out her work: Dayo Benson

So what have I learnt in the past two weeks in Liverpool hosting TheLifeCourse?
I have learnt that together we can do more! Together, we can win!!
These are stories of real young people creating real change in a real world. But they only started as ideas in their heads until shared. And together, we are working.

Don’t die with your dream; share your dream.
Don’t hold back; launch out.
Don’t sit back; move forward.
And together, we can do more!

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