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What I’m Doing This Weekend

This weekend, I’m going ‘back to school’!  Well not really, so excitement mode toned down 🙂

One of the awesome things about living intentionally is the opportunity to learn and share your story with others along the way. I don’t take for granted the platform God has blessed me with to do this.

And that’s exactly what I will be doing this weekend (Saturday) when I host our next Student Forum in Essen. The theme?

Effective Study Skills
Image courtesy of nuttakit

Image courtesy of nuttakit

So you see why I feel like I’m going back to school?

This is important to me. I want my students to do well in life. I want them to have the chance some of their parents (like mine) probably never had. I want them to succeed in life and become leaders in their field. I want them to hold their heads high.

We’ve talked purpose and finding God (or the other way round) but this weekend, it’s about the connection between their academic success, future outlook and how God connects both.

I will be sharing my experiences and how a near-dropout student ended up a first class graduate and winner of several academic awards. Maybe I know a thing or two they need to know… maybe.

As always, will you join in praying for us – that God inspires hope and the belief to succeed in my students? I’m counting on you.

What’s one thing you plan to do this weekend that could inspire others?

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