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The World Changers Foundation on course…

The World Changers Foundation is a community of professionals, coaches, mentors and trainers who are committed to inspiring, equipping and raising the next generation of leaders.

Ask yourself; what would the world look like for the next generation in the next 20 years? That’s a tough question and one that raises lots of questions. And rightfully so. We are surrounded by young people who are either studying at University or working (or not); some of whom, over the next decade, will rise to positions of authority. And some of that authority will include folks who are saddled with the huge responsibility of creating laws for the land.

Have you considered what could happen if we refuse to equip them today for the journey ahead? Or those who have no sense of purpose around us today? What if YOU invested in them and contribute to giving them a new direction? Folks, impossible is nothing!

That’s why I am ever so delighted to be part of The World Changers Foundation; a proactive and passionate group of professionals with the sole aim of raising Change Agents that will become relevant in society and effect change… afterall, what else could be worth doing than knowing that you’ve lived your life impacting others positively – that’s the God-intended life.

We have recently announced the opening of applications for the 2011 Emerging Leaders Mentoring Programme for age 16-25. This is an opportunity to shape your future that you cannot afford to miss (more information @

On Dec 18th @ 7pm, we are hosting The Gathering; an inter-denominational gathering of Christians to challenge and encourage one another to live life as God intended (more information on Facebook @

In final days leading to the close of 2010, I will be launching The Life Course in Liverpool. The atmosphere is already buzzing and I can’t wait to see people inspired to live life as God intended in their local communities.

How about you? What are you going to do? Would you consider joining us? Let’s make our faith real. Get in touch for more details as we ramp up in the remaining days on 2010 to “Do What God Has Sent Us”


Many blessings!


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