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Poetry Friday: War In My Mind

Awesome day to you from Liverpool and welcome to the first edition of Poetry Friday on The Story of Hope. For the next couple of weeks (on Fridays), I’ll post a poem, either from my published collection or newly written verses.

War in my Mind is a two-part piece I wrote six years ago and first appeared on my first book, Even in the WellThis poem remains close to my heart and passion.

In a society where gun crime, sexual abuse, lack of access to basic education and child poverty remains the norm, we cannot but feel this generation needs a miracle.

Reflect and be courageous enough to act for change where you are. When we inspire one young person a time to dream a new dream, we can change our world collectively.

I’m committed to inspiring my generation. Are you with me?



There is war in my mind…
The battle for freedom;
I strive to be heard in a world full of
What chances do I have?
What prospects can I sight?
Who cares of my plight?

There is war in my mind…
Friends of yesterday I mourn today
Those of today are helpless like me
Heroes of decades past are forgotten,
Leaders of today fail me.
Image courtesy of africa

Image courtesy of africa

There is war in my mind…
A young child’s cry for food is not
A mother’s tears of despair is
Nations lay waste my future
Politics deprive me my nurture.

There is war in my mind…
I see the hurt of my childhood trail me
I hear the voice of the lost calling;
Calling for help,
Asking that the hungry be fed
Praying the homeless be sheltered
Watching for a miracle, walking the road they
Hope leads home.

There is war in my mind…
Pain and neglect overshadow my adolescence
Peace and love elude my innocence
Gloom rules the night,
Blue is all I sight.

There is war in my mind…
“You are leaders of tomorrow,” so said our
Leaders of yesterday and today
But they have failed my generation
I struggle to see the future,
All I see is the faces of youths hungry for the
Promised Land.

There is war in my mind…
But I know the struggle will cease,
The pain will end,
The shame will fade
The storm will calm
The hurting will smile again
And the lost will return home
For this I know, better days lie ahead;
War in my mind…

Question: What kind of  ‘war’ goes through your mind when you see the plight of young people around you? What’s your experience where you are? Share your thoughts.

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