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The Power Of The Lone Voice

One of the fundamental lessons I’ve learned over time is that the loudest voices aren’t always the ‘truest’ or most authentic in the room.

A platform does not validate your message. Neither does the absence of a platform invalidate it.

In our world today, it’s easy to get sucked into aligning with popular opinion at the risk of feeling alienated in some way.

But when it comes to living out the God-intended life, you must be willing to embrace the possibility of being the lone voice in the crowd.

You are not ‘everyone else’

Reading 1 Kings 22 this week re-affirmed this vital lesson to me.

King Jehoshaphat had unwisely joined league with Ahab to attack Syria in order to regain Ramoth-Gilead.

Ahead of the battle, and in a bid to know the mind of God (not really), Ahab reluctantly sought the counsel of Micaiah. But there was one problem 1 Kings 22:8.

His prophecy and counsel stood in contrast to those of 400 false prophets of Baal already consulted ahead of him.

While everyone else spoke of massive victory ahead, Micaiah warned of impending defeat and the death of the king 1 Kings 22:17-23.

In the end, Ahab rebuffed his counsel, went to war and died in battle.

Micaiah knew his calling and was in no doubt about the word he received from the Lord. He was willing to stand alone.

Know YOUR calling; you’re not ‘everyone else’.

It takes only one man

Elijah stood up to King Ahab (yes, same Ahab) and challenged him and his 450 prophets of Baal (whom he bankrolled) to a contest of true worship and authenticity.

450+ voices versus 1 lone voice.

In the end, only one man restored the national altar. Only one man called down fire from heaven. Only one man inspired the nation back to true worship.

If you must fulfill God's calling on your life, be prepared to face scrutiny and even hatred in some quarters. Be ready to be that one individual versus the tens, hundreds and thousands // The Power Of The Lone Voice Share on X

It takes only one man to speak the truth, call out lies, expose hypocrisy, challenge the status quo, inspire change and make a difference.

Don’t look down on yourself and your capacity to effect change; it takes only one man.

Are you willing to be the lone voice?

Make no mistake; it’s not always easy to be the lone voice of authenticity when you find yourself in the midst of decay.

Jesus was a lone voice among the religious leaders of His time. Stephen was a lone voice among his false accusers. Esther was a lone voice in Persia on behalf of the Jews.

Standing up for the truth comes at a price. You may be misrepresented, treated unfairly or even experience emotional, physical or spiritual abuse.

Hold firm on your calling, be resolute about your passion and purpose, stand firm on the truth and resist every attempt to bring you into moral or spiritual compromise // The Power Of The Lone Voice Share on X

If necessary, be willing to stand alone for a glorious cause greater than you.

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