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3 Things Vision Will Do For You

This past Sunday, I spoke to my church folks about vision and direction in life, drawing reference from scripture.  Anyone passionate about leading on purpose understands the importance of vision – knowing where you’re heading and what your life is about.

Too many people, especially young people, are living without a clear vision and purpose. This cannot be normal. Lack of vision is leading many people to crash and burn. Lack of vision shifts focus from your “Why” to mere activities. You don’t want to be there.

Why You Need To Listen

Let me share with you something I have learned over the years to demonstrate why a clear vision is important:

People will follow and listen to a man (or woman) of vision.

I say that because I know it’s true. I live it. It’s my experience. It works. And I want you to live that way too. Look around you and you will see that those that are making tangible difference in their communities and circle of influence (and beyond) did not stumble into life. Instead, difference makers are people who understand their life’s purpose and maximise their opportunities.

You need to be clear about why you are living and where you are going. A life void of a God-inspired vision will be mediocre at best and wasted at worst.

The Sons of Issachar

Scripture speaks about the Sons of Issachar (yeah, that’s a name!). There was something extraordinary about them; they were visionaries. They knew the times. They knew the mind of God ahead of others. This commanded lots of respect to them from the rest of the Israel (see 1 Chronicles 12:32).

What Vision Will Do For You

  1. When you become serious about living purposefully, God will take you seriously.
  2. When you become passionate about purpose pursuit, people will respect and listen to you.
  3. When you decide to step up and lead, you begin a new journey towards greatness like this man.

The discovery of your purpose is where you must begin. Discover what God has wired you to do. And don’t try to be like everyone else because everyone else is nobody. You are more than you know.

What has vision done for you personally and why is it crucial to life?

About Joseph Iregbu

From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

6 Replies

  1. Thanks Kate. I actually lost this comment in my spam box, just found it yesterday 🙁

  2. Joseph, vision has moved me forward in the workplace. I was able to transition from a sales position, to a business owner, and now a comfy position at a place that I enjoy working for.

    Now, I’m crafting my vision for the next stages of my life. There’s big things in the works and can’t wait to have my vision come to fruition.

    1. Wow Joe! I see God is doing great things with you and you are stepping out big time. Keep that up. Well done.

  3. vision has made all the difference. Just as the bible says, without vision, people cast off restraint. vision keeps me focused, helps me know what to be intentional about and blurs out distractions. Great thoughts

    1. Thanks Ngina. I strongly believe vision is paramount to leading on purpose. I’m glad it’s working in your life.

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