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Why You Must Stop Seeking Validation

This week, I wrote a post on LinkedIn about resisting the urge to seek validation and applause from others by sharing all our successes and what we are doing to impact others on social media.

Notice my emphasis on all. I’m not anti social-media. I use them. Some are great platforms that have afforded us opportunities to become more visible, connected and spread a passion for God’s glory.

But sometimes we fail to gauge what’s important and what’s not. And the slippery slope kicks in when we inadvertently share our life’s work for validation.

Just do the work that matters

This is why it’s so important to be clear about why you do what you do. Whether you are a speaker, preacher, mentor, life coach, teacher, mum, dad or professional SME, you must be clear about your why.

When you become purpose-minded, your focus is NOT to be seen but to simply do the work that matters to bring about positive change in your life and others.

Sometimes, we build deeper and richer legacies in the background, when and where no one applauds // Stop Seeking Validation Click To Tweet

That means there are times to simply get your head down and do the work that matters, without the noise of men’s accolades or criticism — just do the work and make impact without the desire to be ‘seen’.

Notice I said ‘bring about positive change in your life earlier? That wasn’t a typo. The deeper the personal change in your own life, the wider your impact on others.

Always remember, you cannot give what you don’t have.

Your purpose is already validated

God gave Noah a mandate to build an ark to save the world. In the end, only 7 people embraced his vision.

Many scorned him, others must have verbally abused him. But he stayed the course and finished his assignment. Why was he able to do that?

He knew he was already validated.

Noah got his assignment from God and to him, that was all that mattered. He didn’t need the applause of the multitude. His inner circle and support network was sufficient with God at the centre.

That’s why it’s often said that one with God is a majority. You don’t need others to validate you when you’re purposeful and intentional with your life.

Like Noah, you must focus on your purpose and building on what holds eternal value. 

Even when no one is looking, keep doing the work that truly matters… because you are already validated by the One who called you.

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