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An Urgent Message to Every Christian

I boarded the train to work this week. Nothing unusual — this is routine, right? I was wrong. As I reflected on the devotion text I’d read earlier that morning, I felt an overwhelming sense of sorrow and burden in my heart. Not long after, God began to speak to my heart about the state of His Bride (the church and Christians). I started writing.

Thus Saith the Lord

P.S. What you’re about to read is not edited or refined and I’ve done my best not to flavour anything. If you’re a Christian and reading this post, I pray it calls you to repentance and revival as I’m experiencing at the moment. The message is very raw and heavy, and that’s evidence they’re not my words.

Thus Saith the Lord!

“When was the last time you sat in church or watched a Christian TV channel and heard the preacher say:

“For the wages of sin is death…” or  “The soul that sins will die…”?

You stay clear of these eternal truths. You avoid them. They don’t impress your intellectual minds. They don’t ‘speak’ to the struggles of your congregations. Or so you convince yourself!

Yet the true state of many congregation is nothing but spiritual death, though you say you live (Revelation 3:1).

You have lost spiritual sensitivity of the times you live in. Your assemblies are replete with practising sinners who serve in the holy matters of the altar and backsliders who have refused to come back to me… yet they usher many every Sunday with a smile on their face.

You hold on to fornicators and adulterers who lead youth ministries and building projects. Your young men born in the sanctuary live like sons of Eli (1 Samuel 2:12) and you condone their ego.

Disobedience is rife and runs through the fabrics of your assembly. The preachers are no better. They deceive many with sweet words and false hope. They lie in my name, ye, they lie in my holy name!

The message of conviction and repentance from sin are hardly ever preached on many pulpits: 

What becomes the goal of your preaching if sinners are not converted to Christ? O ye Prosperity Preacher, what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul! Nay, what shall it profit you if you waste your life and ministry feeding your congregation with crumbs and not the meat of the Word. Woe unto you that lead many to hell by your deception. I will judge, ye I will judge indeed… and that very soon. Wake up from your slumber and strengthen what remains!

Let he that has an ear hear what The Lord is saying to His church and messengers. 

Repent! Lest I put out your candle and what remains of you. Flee from the assembly that perverse my Holy Name. Run away from the minister of falsehood. Deliver your soul oh my people!

Turn to me! If not, I will visit you at a time you do not expect and remove you from your place. For my house shall be called the house of holiness and a place of glory. Return and I will heal your backsliding.

For what are you willing to gain in this life in exchange for your never dying soul?”

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  1. Tumi O Tumi

    this is like a secret find. loving this blog right about now.

    1. Hi Tumi, good to see you here too! 🙂 Enjoy, share what you find here and feel free to subscribe for weekly updates. Stay blessed.

  2. Deep cutting truth Joseph, thank you for sharing it.

  3. It’s a sad truth in many churches Joseph. I’m glad that you are writing this because I think we all need the wake-up call. The truth is that it’s easier to preach about how to make your life better than it is to call people to repentance. However, without repentance what do you get in the end?

    Btw, here’s a short clip from a sermon I gave last year talking about the importance of repentance.

    1. Thanks for sharing the video. I will take a look shortly. The danger is to hear a message like this and only look at the church as a whole without doing personal soul-searching. After all, we make up the church. It’s that individual, personal repentance that will bring about a genuine, lasting corporate revival. That’s my belief. Thanks once again for sharing and welcome back to base.

      1. I hear you loud and clear. For me one of the scariest parts about preaching is that I can’t really preach until God speaks to my heart first! That can be painful at times!

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