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Two Fears that Threaten Your Destiny

In my previous post, I shared a personal blueprint my wife and I follow BEFORE we make the big decisions of our lives. Over the years, our blueprint continue to prove pivotal in our journey.

Fear not

Since the article went live, I’ve been contacted by readers who shared with me how the post resonate with their current struggles, citing stories of how they feel ‘stuck’ in the present.

The stories are diverse but I found two common threads across all the stories and experiences, which hinder many from moving forward in life and fulfilling purpose.

[1]: Fear… of getting it wrong

Big decisions are hardly ever easy, especially those that involve or impact others. And the fear of getting it wrong is probably the biggest fear factor that stop many from stepping out in faith.

If we knew the future, we’d cease to be mortals. But only God knows every detail of tomorrow. That’s why we walk by faith, trusting God to remain in control. Negative fear (not the fear of God) cripples our resolve to move forward.

“…for we walk by faith, not by sight” — 2 Corinthians 5:7.

In Deuteronomy 1:6-7, God told Israel to go forward and make progress in their journey. The call to go forward for you could in be your career, family, education, marriage or to move from one town/city/country to another, literally.

These are BIG decisions that often require deep prayers, seasoned counsel and long patience. But don’t be crippled by the fear of getting it wrong, when God gives you the assurance to step out.

When you have His word, you have His backing.

[2]: Fear… of making hard choices

Many are willing to reach their goals but unwilling or unable to do it afraid. BIG decisions often demand hard choices.

Our BIG decisions always leave us making hard choices. In the past, we’ve left our families, church, friends, better job prospects and convenience.

When you’re determined to fulfil God’s purpose for your life, convenience ceases to be your primary appeal.

BIG decisions demand hard, often painful, choices. But they’re necessary. My wife and I are in the process of yet another BIG decision and we know it will be a tough call when the time comes.

What eases our ‘fear’ is the foundation on which we stand; prayers, godly counsel, patience… and in God’s time, we’ll do it afraid.

Don’t allow the fear of tomorrow cripple your will to live the life God intends for you today. God doesn’t guarantee we won’t make mistakes in our journey. Neither has He called us to an easy, risk-free life.

However, one thing is always certain:

When you trust God with your life decisions, He guarantees your outcome.

What type of fear is stopping you from the next step God is calling you to take?

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  1. Hi Pastor Joseph. I was drawn to come here, because of the ping back of an article you wrote in my blog back in 2012. I guess, God knows I needed to read this today, because 2015 has proven to be one of the most difficult years of my life. I want to thank you for writing this article and for your encouragement. God bless you and your family.

    1. Hi Pilar, grateful to God for the opportunity. If you ever want me and my wife to join you in praying for something specifically, be sure to drop me an email. Remain strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. God bless you so so so much. It is well.

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