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Trusting Jesus, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Who or what do you turn to when life gets difficult and you’re faced with hard choices? Some look to their own strength, the comfort of others and some unfortunately, to substances.

Christ followers are not immune to the harsh realities of the world we live in. We are ‘buffeted’ too. We face serious challenges and often fall on hard times.

But we have an Anchor that holds the soul.

In this post, I draw out 3 critical lessons from John 16:33 that I believe can help us learn to trust Jesus, even when we don’t feel like it.

I have said these things to you

The chapter starts with Jesus painting a grim picture of the persecutions to come on His disciples after His ascension and ended with a promise of victory through it all.

Throughout John 16, the phrase “I have said these things to you” is very prominent.

Knowing, believing and confessing the promises of God are so important, especially when we are faced with brick walls on many fronts.

Recently, my wife and I faced a huge dilemma that took an emotional toll on us; one that even other stakeholders involved affirmed they hadn’t experienced before.

We had to make a choice: easily quit a project that had taken us over a year and lose out significantly, or persist but make a difficult choice that leaves us seriously vulnerable.

As we prayed, we remembered God’s personal promises to us, trusting Him for the present and future outcomes as we made the hard decision.

When life hits you hard, remember what God had said to you. Reaffirm His word over your life and trust His mercy to bring you through the rough patch // Trusting Jesus, Even When You Don't Feel Like It Share on X

In ME you have peace

When you look carefully at the verse, notice that Jesus didn’t promise us peace from Him but IN Him. He’s effectively saying: You cannot have genuine peace until you have ME in you.

Trusting Jesus even when we don’t feel like it cannot be possible without a personal relationship with Him.

He’s the Anchor that keeps us grounded, the Light that illuminates our hearts out of depression, and delivers us when troubles hit.

But notice He doesn’t promise a worry-free, trouble-free life. In this world, we will have tribulations but inner peace is possible because Christ is the Prince of Peace.

I’ve often been jolted by events and news that bring with them some level of emotional chaos. I trust you can relate too.

But this is soon replaced by an inner peace that is the result of a relationship with the One who holds all things in His hands, not because I know how to ‘deal with life’ Philippians 4:6-7.

Want genuine peace? Seek Jesus. In Him, we have a hope that transcends the ephemeral challenges we face today.

I have overcome the world

Isn’t it amazing that we know how the story ends?

The saints are raptured. Christ returns for His millennial reign. Satan is defeated. The world is judged. We reign with Jesus forever. Hallelujah!

When next you feel hopeless and like not trusting God, let the words of Christ ring loud in your soul I have overcome the world.

Because Jesus overcame, we too who put our trust in Him (and His word) and make Him our peace, will overcome // Trusting Jesus, Even When You Don't Feel Like It Share on X

There is an assurance that comes from knowing everything will be alright in the end. And they will.

All present darkness will eventually lift. Amen.

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