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Navigating Difficult Transitions

Three years ago, I read a book by Jeff Manion, The Land Between – a powerful insight into Israel’s transition through the wilderness and our personal, inward battles through life’s many difficult transitions.

The Land Between transformed my life on how I approach transitions. Since reading the book, I’ve undergone four major transitions:

made a career move, uprooted my family to a new country, became a father and stepped out of comfort to start a new challenging career, one I’ve always been afraid to attempt.
mikebaird / Foter / CC BY

mikebaird / Foter / CC BY

A place of opportunities

I have first hand experience of difficult change. Change often feels ‘wrong’. Why change when you can maintain the status quo, right? I mean, who invented the idea of a house move, for example?! I’m with you on this – change can be a burden.

But change also brings opportunities; for growth and new experiences. Writing of difficult transitions, Jeff said:

“Transitions provide your greatest opportunity for spiritual and transformational growth. God’s desire to meet you is most present in these times of chaos and emotional upheaval. The Land Between (place of difficult transition) provides the space for God to do some of His deepest work in our lives.”

You can’t read that and not pause for a minute. Such depth of words, such truth… such striking reality!

We can experience the best of God in the middle of chaos and uncertainty. This gives me so much personal encouragement. Transition is a place of opportunities.

A place of purpose

We’re hardly stretched in comfort. Don’t misunderstand me – I don’t hate being comfortable; I hate to build and revolve my life around being comfortable and allow it form the basis for my existence.

I’m always pinching myself not to tilt that direction because I know it’s a dangerous way to live.

I’ve yet to meet a person that realized a deep sense of inner purpose in seasons of ease and wealth. Often times, we launch out into our calling from the land between.

There’s something about God and difficult transitions; it’s a place of purpose.

A place of giving

I’m no transition expert. But I’ve been through a few and have learned something; your season of difficult transitions is fertile ground for purposeful giving.

As a family, we’ve experienced much grace in difficulties when we opened our hands to others. Giving is powerful and there’s no better place to do so than in the land of few, not plenty.

What has God taught you recently through difficult transitions. Share your story.

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5 Replies

  1. Our recent move to GA has reminded me of some of the same lessons, Joseph. Great post.

    1. @emknowles:disqus, I’m following your transition very keenly and glad to see you guys are settling in well. Keep on track as always.

  2. Transitions really are fertile ground for growth. They challenge me and push to me draw closer to God instead of my own limited wisdom.

    I’m so thankful God loves me enough to challenge me to be more and do more than I thought possible. He’s a great life couch (and Savior).

    1. Very well said, @TCAvey:disqus. Very well said indeed. We learn more when we lean on Him.

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