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You Are Too Important to Waste Your Life

Ultimately, we all want to be significant and lead meaningful lives; one that is purposeful and leaves a great legacy. Given the choice, nobody will overlook that.

But I’ve often heard people say:

“I don’t believe in ‘purpose pursuit’. I don’t believe I am on earth for any specific reason. I will live, die and go my way.”

The idea and thought that our presence on earth is merely a random act of nature should baffle any sane mind.

Do you REALLY believe you’re an accident? Do you REALLY think that all of life is a bunch of nothingness?

You were born with purpose for a purpose

In a season of great uncertainty in Judah, the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” Jeremiah 1:5

Like Jeremiah. you were born with purpose for a purpose. You are not a random stat. You matter.

God is super intentional about you, and that’s where your journey of life must begin; knowing the One who formed you.

We get lost in this messy world when we ignore our need for God. When we come into relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, our life suddenly discovers the true meaning of life.

Outside of God, everything else is a simple pursuit of eternal emptiness.

Don’t settle!

Years ago, I was speaking at a local church in London when I sensed God impress these words on my heart:

“Your job is not your purpose; I gave you that job as an enabler for the real reason I created you.”

That was a turning point in my life. My perspective of what I do, who I am and whose I am changed forever. I was no longer going to settle!

Your job, education, marriage and successes are only enablers. Don’t mistake them for your life’s purpose in themselves.

To live out your purpose, you must pursue hard after God. When you do, you will discover how He wants you to influence change in your world.

You’re too important to waste your life

I challenge you to resolve to be intentional with your life. Purpose influence choices. Purpose propels vision. Purpose drives change.

As you come to the realization of God’s call on your life, be mindful of these key truths:

Keep acting on every God-centered instinct as you continue to unpack your bag of potentials on earth until you arrive at your ‘one thing’ — Philippians 3:12-14.

God has set you apart from the rest and you’re too important to God to waste your life.

You are too important to waste your presence. We need you; but first, discover yourself and your purpose (in Christ).

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Photo by Iyan Kurnia on Unsplash

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