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“Dad, Can Children Also Speak in Tongues?”

My school run routine involves worship music or the daily audio bible reading on auto play. Practicing God’s presence is not a matter for the house only. All of life is worship.

This week, my daughter asked me a profound question as I quietly spoke in tongues while driving her to school:

“Dad, can children like me also speak in tongues?”

My heart welled up with joy. At 9, I didn’t even know there was any Holy Ghost Acts 19:2. That’s profound.

Embracing the Substance, not the expression

Acts 2:37-39 came to mind as I answered her with a resounding “YES, absolutely children can speak in tongues” and an encouragement to keep praying to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Trust me, God does great things with children!

For the promise (of forgiveness of sins AND the Holy Spirit’s outpouring) is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.” 

Joel 2:28 affirms God’s promise to pour out His Spirit, and the events at Pentecost was the beginning of its fulfillment.

The essence of the Holy Spirit is beyond speaking in tongues though.

Through the Holy Spirit, God seeks to dwell in personal relationship with us, reveal His will, express the mind of Christ, empower and embolden us to live out the God-centered life daily.

The Holy Spirit is not primarily given so we can speak in tongues. Tongues is only one of the numerous outworking of His presence. Yet we know that NOT every ‘spiritual tongue’ is of the Holy Spirit.

If we must live authentic Christian lives, have dominion over the power of indwelling sin, lead lives that are surrendered to God, then we must seek and embrace the Person of the Holy Spirit, not tongues // "Dad, Can Children Also Speak… Share on X

People do what people see

Reflecting on her question, it made me more conscious of how visible my life, actions and attitudes are to my children. And rightfully so.

On the power of influence and leadership, John C Maxwell often uses the phrase: “People do what people see.”

My daughter has always been inquisitive; a trait we love about her mostly (if you’re a parent, you will understand why ‘mostly’).

As early as age 4, she would sneak into my prayer closet uninvited, not to spectate, but to pray with me. I never ask her to leave.

That hasn’t changed till date.

In the past few years, she’s heard teachings about the Holy Spirit and heard tongues spoken at home and I’m glad she asked the question.

The reality is that our lives rub off on others, positively or negatively.

What are you doing in her closet or in the open that could influence the desire, passion and outcome of those around you?

It starts with you

I wrote about the power of influence in a previous post and how it’s critical our lives inspire others to take positive, God-centered actions.

But we cannot influence right unless we are able to lead ourselves first. Influence and leadership is firstly personal before it’s anything else with others.

We have been mis-sold the idea that to lead spiritually you need a pulpit, a microphone and a congregation when all you need primarily is to lead yourself // "Dad, Can Children Also Speak in Tongues?" Share on X

Start with yourself. Develop the capacity to lead yourself in spiritual relationship with the Holy Spirit. Only then can His presence bring about the desired expression of grace that will impact and transform others around you.

Always remember that people do what people see. Who and how are you influencing today?

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  1. Bubo

    Taking advantage of school runs has been invaluable for me and my kids also. What a blessing to here your daughter inquire about the Holy Spirit and desire it. God bless her. Thanks for this post.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I’m learning never to underestimate what God can do in and through them. May we keep leading them closer to Christ each day with our personal examples.

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