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Today I Mourned…

Today I mourned the loss of a friend I never met, a dream that never was and a star that didn’t shine.

Today I held my head down and said a prayer for a heart that wouldn’t beat, a family that’s heartbroken and a home with a broken tear.

Today I pondered on what could have been; maybe he’d be a doctor, a lawyer or a future Prime Minister in 2 decades… Now that dream is no more.

Today I mourned as my friend went to be with His maker; a journey that is (in my eyes) too premature. The bus came too early, the driver chose the wrong driveway but the deed is done. And what’s left but to weep.

Today I mourned a potential World Changer that never got the chance to live life, didn’t get the opportunity to fulfil his calling, snuffed away from the very ones he loved.

Today I mourned.

Dedicated to Johnny, the friend I never met.

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