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“…there’s nothing spectacular God can do with a cosy Christian, one that only seeks to be cool, want no challenge, undisturbed, and wants to make heaven at the end. You may just get to heaven but you may find it uncomfortable because there’s a judgement seat of reward for believers

That was Charles Stanley… and I just stumbled on his message while listening to UCB tonight.
Read his words again, take a deep breath, search your heart… and be sure to say a short prayer for yourself before you continue reading.

How true! Christians are probably the only set of people that don’t want to be like their Father and yet want to inherit His kingdom.
We like to claim sonship but not responsibility.
We crave for the King’s provisions but not share in His burdens.
We love the love of the Father, but not the training and trials of the Master.
We profess the power of the Saviour but abuse the grace of the Lord.
We covet the blessings of God but deny the demands of Christ.

Seriously, how much can God do with a ‘cool and comfotable’ Christian who is not hungry for more of HIM? Bring revival? Terrorise the kingdom of darkness? Heal the sick? Reach the unreached? Give? Be a blessing to others? Seriously once again, do we really think God saved us to warm the chairs in our churches, become ‘Ushers’, ‘Coordinators’, ‘Church Leaders’ and go to heaven? THINK AGAIN!!!

God is looking for radical folks; men and women ready to give up their convenience to serve others, change the world, give to the cause of the gospel, feed the poor in their churches and communities, be a blessing to others, preach the gospel…. talk of countless opportunities to serve God. Wait… when last did you pray for someone in your church by name? That lady, that lad…

If you want some reward in heaven, be willing to give up something on earth. We are desperately in need of a paradigm-shift.
May God stir up in you a passion for His glory as you THINK AGAIN!

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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  1. Debbie

    I am American and lived my entire life in the deep south of the US, but I lived in the UK for two years. Some mannerism and expressions still filter through, I suppose. 🙂 Thanks for that compliment.

  2. Debbie

    Dr. Charles Stanley is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta. I am so excited, for I was a member there for about 16 years and am hoping to return to the area soon. It’s lovely and a blessing to hear online, on tv or the radio good Bible teaching, but oh how sweet it is to be in the sanctuary.

    1. Debbie, you know I’ve never really figured out whether you’re UK or US based 🙂 Now I get a sneak peak in that… So I assume it’s US then? God bless you.

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