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Introducing The Masterclass

It’s been a season of personal transitions and new adventures in recent months. Life is full of them, isn’t it? But I’ve also learned that God brings us to a place of greater purpose through incovenience, not ease. If we stay on track with Him, our stories always find their sweet spot.

Hitting the reset button

I’ve been away with my family on 3-week summer holiday in the US. From seeing some of the most iconic places in New York to meeting up with childhood friends of over 20 years in New Jersey and touring historic Boston, Massachusetts. So many things to write about and life lessons to share but time will fail me.

One of the biggest life lessons God taught me while away was this:

“Life is a privilege and spending it with the ones you love most (family) is priceless. Make the most of every opportunity with them as you live out your purpose.”

Never take for granted the ones who are closest to you. Cherish them and the moments you spend together. Family and solid, value-adding friendships matter… a lot.

Introducing The Masterclass

So what else have I been up to lately? I’ve been very busy exploring new ways to live out my purpose – this time, directly in the community.

Recently, I co-founded a new not-for-profit initiative with 3 friends, The Masterclass, and we have been busy recruiting, inspiring and empowering 20 volunteering champions to partner with us.

The Masterclass is a platform that connects university students, recent graduates and young professionals with high achievers and successful professionals in an environment that will challenge, inspire and motivate delegates to take hold of their future through commitment to personal development.

Our team (co-founders and champions) share a strong passion for collective change in our communities. We believe that through a platform like The Masterclass, students and young adults will have the opportunity to maximise their potential and be AWESOME.

In recent weeks, we featured in a community BIG LUNCH where we introduced our platform and are currently touring universities in Liverpool to raise awareness and register delegates – click here,  here and here to see some photos.

Here’s our intro video on Youtube! P.S. Subscribe after watching.

The Launch Event – UNSTOPPABLE!

The Masterclass will officially launch on 27th September 2017 in Liverpool @HolidayInn and so much work is going into making the launch event an awesome experience.

We have been blessed to officially partner with and secure sponsorship from Liverpool John Moores University and DCLM Project and have secured the keynote speaker for the launch event – a hugely successful and influential business and leadership expert.

We are super excited and looking forward to starting a movement that will inspire a generation to aspire for more than average.

What can you do?

So how can you take part? There are a few things you can do for us:

  • If you’re in the UK, we look forward to seeing you in Liverpool. Get a free ticket on Eventbrite (click here).
  • Help us grow our social media presence by following us in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You can also check out our website here.
  • Be kind to share our content on your social media platforms to help us gain more traction – even if you’re outside the UK.
  • Pray for us. This is perhaps our greatest need – we need the miraculous as we embark on this journey to help others discover their ‘WHY’ and lead them to a greater purpose than a degree.

Thank you and here’s to a new awesome!

Question: What have you been up to lately?

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