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The Life Course Story in Liverpool – What Will You Do?

The launch of The Life Course in Liverpool was a huge success; many thanks to everyone who supported us in prayer as we entered new territory with the message of change and hope. As many already know, Liverpool is a historic city and that heritage remain visible as you walk through most parts of the city. But sadly enough, Liverpool is equally deprived; with some of the highest levels of social welfare benefits rate in the UK (it’s easy to come across 3 generations of a family still on the benefits)., unemployment level is high and anti-social behaviour continues to plaque the 2008 European City of Culture.

In total, 20 Emerging Leaders got together to engage, debate, disagree and agree on some of the key challenges they face as Christians (and individuals) in Liverpool. One thing that became more evident to me is the fact that no one is spared of the consequences of events (good or bad) that take place in society. We are all impacted; unfortunately, often times negatively.

On the first day (Dec 30th 2010), we kicked off with an interview by Wendy Kopp, the CEO and Founder of Teach For America. Wendy inspired the group with her relentless passion to change the education sector in America, ensuring the less privileged are not denied opportunities in life because of their family background. The group was challenged and inspired to say the least.

By Jan 1st 2011, when we returned for day 2, the group were rearing to go; engage, discover and commit. But before that, we established the ultimate truth: to make our faith relevant in society, we must return to the “Forgotten Way” by turning to God and laying a sound spiritual foundation. Without a solid, personal relationship with God, any change we effect can only be short-lived. We need GOD!

Before we wrapped up, I encouraged individuals to recognise the urgent need for the world (our local community) to see the manifestation of the sons of God; we are the light the world is seeking, we are the salt they need, hence we must get up and get into the field! AND ACT WE MUST!

As we moved into Action Planning, it was obvious the group was not in a hurry to conclude. Originally scheduled to finish at 6PM, we finally (and reluctantly) concluded at 8:30PM. But before then, let me share with you some of the commitments that some attendees made:

Yinka Alli-Balogun shared with the group her vision for developing an Eden Project to nurture nature; a committed that was backed by Jide Giwa. She has already made a formal application to the local council for an allotment of land – and we are confident she will get it. God will do it. Imagine the huge opportunity to engage with other locals who have land allotments and the platform she could get – making physical contribution to nature and a potential opportunity to share her faith and experiences with others. I CAN’T WAIT.

Today, Sarah Agbiti visited a Community Centre opposite her local church and is in the process of mobilising others to join her to engage with the local young adults and children in the community through the centre. WOW!

Jide Nowoola shared his desire to start speaking to students in schools – something he’s always dreamt of. I have encouraged him to liaise with Bridging Lives, a University Student-Led group to explore the opportunities in this area. He can easily become a School Governor!

Grace Nquot, a first year Law Student at Manchester Metropolitan University and recipient of the Anthony Walker Award is in the process of engaging with a law association as part of her vision to set up one for lawyers from ethnic minority communities. SHE’S DEFINITELY ONE TO WATCH.

Unwana Etteh is now seeking new opportunities in her local church to engage and make her faith relevant.

Jessica Agbiti, a Trainee Medical Doctor wants to engage locally using her medical platform in Liverpool.

Mayowa Adebambo shared with me her vision to adopt/train a child in need and also develop her own clothing line that will demonstrate you can be godly and trendy without compromising (one for the ladies:-))

And the list continues… These are real people, these are young adults, these are real commitments and I am excited at the prospects ahead of us. All I see is opportunities and possibilities; nothing less.

The Life Course is not an intellectual forum, neither is it a Bible school; it’s about ordinary people and their extraordinary God making their faith relevant in society. Matthew 5:13-16.

So What Will You Do?

Next Up we visit Manchester in March 2011. Stay with us for further info and consider joining our Facebook Page (The Life Course) and follow us on Twitter (@TheLifeCourse). Your city may be next!

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