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Embracing the Gift of SMALL

SMALL is big! And no, that’s not a cliché, but a significant reality of life. The ‘smallest’ gifts we often take for granted often turn out to be the most precious and life-transforming.


Seeing the big in the SMALL…

We think less of the air we breathe, but cannot do without it. We hardly consider how dramatic our lives would change if we woke up with a missing arm, leg or finger. If you consider that too dramatic, then consider going for days without electricity in winter or the Internet. Suddenly, the ‘insignificant’ begin to matter.

If you focus long enough on the SMALL, you see how truly magnificent and gracious God has been to you.

My blogging friend, Eileen Knowles wrote about her one word for 2015 — SMALL: learning to see the big in the SMALL. She said:

“This year, I want to look for and embrace the small. I want to look for the gifts tucked away in the moments, those small gifts we often overlook because our eyes are forever wandering off the path looking for something bigger.”

SMALL shapes our lives

That got me thinking about how in recent times I’ve been tempted to lose track of the ‘SMALL’ blessings of God, in search of the big.

In a recent prayer meeting, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness in my life. I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to me, casting my mind back to a decade of SMALL beginnings…

My life has been shaped significantly by the SMALL of yesterday — without the SMALL, we cannot experience inward or outward significance. Inconvenience has a way of shaping us more than ease!

If we lose sight of the SMALL, we risk missing the entire point of life. God works in the SMALL. He reveals Himself to us through the SMALL details of everyday living. So focus.

The gift of SMALL is a call to and reminder of gratitude — be grateful for the ‘SMALL’ gifts of life; they make the BIGGEST difference in your life.

Embrace your SMALL today.

Question: What SMALL are you grateful for today?

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5 Replies

  1. TestifyTruth

    This reminds me of something Jesus said; “He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much” because now that I think about it, the “little” is actually much. Also Paul wisely notes; “Godliness and contentment are of GREAT benefit”. Amen.

    Thanks for the goof reminder.

  2. Excellent post!
    I’ve been thinking about “contentment” this year. Learning to be content as Paul says to the Philippians chapter 4, not content by the worlds standards.

    I think contentment is found in the SMALL.
    Love this post!

    1. ‘Every appreciate your encouragement, TC.
      Contentment is the word!

  3. Great reminder, Joseph! Since choosing my “small” word, I’ve seen lessons all over the place…and it’s only Jan 19! I’m excited to discover what smalls are waiting on the path this year.

    1. Your word inspired me, Eileen! Grateful to God for your commitment to serve others through your writing.

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