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Guest Post for Tammy Helfrich

“I don’t believe in ‘purpose pursuit’. I don’t believe I am on earth for any specific reason. I will live, die and go my way”

Does that describe you? It used to be me a long time ago… until I discovered something pretty awesome! And I’m sharing it at Tammy Helfrich’s blog today. I call it: Purpose Pursuit

About Tammy

Tammy has been married to her best friend for almost 15 years with whom she is raising two very active boys. She works for a Fortune 500 company and enjoys helping her customers implement new solutions.

She blogs at where she writes about life, marriage, encouragement and LifeChanger motivating stories. As well as leading on purpose, Tammy is committed to helping others realize that their voice matters, and to embrace their story.

Utterly grateful to Tammy for the opportunity to share with her audience.

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About Joseph Iregbu

From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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