Joseph Iregbu

Purpose Guy

The God That Is Infinite

The God that is infinite: Infinite in grace Infinite in mercy Infinite in power Infinite in strength Infinite in wisdom Infinite in favour Infinite in works Infinite in might Infinite in wonders Infinite in glory My Rock My Shield My Height My Depth My Salvation My Deliverer My Leader My […]

I AM is for You

As I prayed tonight, the Holy Spirit led me again to Isaiah 41:10… I saw that verse in a different light: “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God…” (Isaiah 41:10 ESV) Wait a minute; THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE IS FOR ME!? […]

Relentless Faith

Faith is a great gift; to have it is good and necessary for the Christian life. But there are faith and there are Faith. In this reference in Luke 5, a couple of fellas bring their paralysed friend before Jesus through the roof of a house where He was teaching. […]

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