Joseph Iregbu

Purpose Guy

Learning to Finish Well

I called my wife this evening from the office (as I do everyday) and there was a certain excitement in her voice; she was using GarageBand for the first time to learn to play the keyboard on the iPad. She loved it! Walking home, it occurred to me that the […]

Champion or Mediocre?

I was trawling through my near-complete manuscript for my next book a few minutes ago and came across some of my quotes on pursuing your God-intended purpose and living a victorious life. They got me excited all over again. Don’t settle for less, don’t be a mediocre, approve only things […]

Hang On Tight!!!

Trouble is part of life; you cannot live without them. The rich has troubles, the poor has troubles, we all experience them. But that’s just one part of the puzzle; life is also full of hope, opportunities and… and life is full of life!!! How do you perceive life? How […]

Pilgrims, yet Indigenous

Indigenous, yet pilgrims… ‘Passing through, yet occupying… We are heaven-bound pilgrims but in the world with different yet same ultimate assignment. Are you doing what God sent you here for? Don’t waste your life, don’t waste your purpose. Live the God-intended life.

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