Joseph Iregbu

Purpose Guy

Intentional Leadership

After the death of Moses, the mandate to lead Israel into the Land of Promise was conferred on Joshua. It’s easy to think that Joshua suddenly emerged on the scene and took off from where Moses stopped. That wasn’t the case… True leaders don’t build personal empire Moses sought the face of […]

Courage: The Fuel of Greatness

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked at three pillars of greatness; from the realisation of purpose, to the pursuit of excellence and the call to make personal sacrifices. Which of these fundamental pillars have challenged you the most? Drop me a note to let me know. This week, I’ve immersed myself […]

Moses My Servant Is Dead

“Have I not called you? Have I not saved you? Be of good courage. I am with you.” – Tweet I wonder what came through your mind when you saw the title. It’s OK, everything is alright. Let’s attempt to unravel the statement. Perplexing Promise God promised Abraham a nation; […]

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