Joseph Iregbu

Purpose Guy

What Death Teaches Us

This past weekend, we’ve been dealing with the shocking news of the sudden passing away (to glory) of one of my senior pastors whom we’ve known the past 4 years. Our emotions have been high with a deep sense of grief and loss, personally and across the ministry. How do you process the […]

What to Do When Man Questions Your God

A few days ago, I immersed myself in Psalm 3. The Psalms is probably that single book in the Bible that genuinely has a word for most of life’s situation. Such a powerful book. Words are powerful “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who […]

Tribute to my ‘Second Father’

This is not my typical post on this blog. This is raw, straight from the heart and head; from the heart because this is deeply personal and from the head because grammar is the least important to me right now. So if you find any typos, you understand why. Struck down but not […]

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