Joseph Iregbu

Purpose Guy

Day Out With The Men

I spent today with the men from my local church. We hit town for most of the day to eat, share, strategise and kick off new initiatives for 2012. Coming to Essen has given me a new opportunity to be relevant to people’s lives. London, Liverpool, Watford, Uxbridge, Lagos…these places […]

Merry Christmas

Is Christmas over already???? Oh well, there was no better place to be than God’s presence and that’s where I’ve been the past 48 hours. We just got back from Dusseldorf tonight after a refreshing retreat and I’m genuinely tired. God is awesome and I truly had an amazing time, […]

Just Before I Snooze…

It’s 6:10am and just back from our monthly night vigil in Wuppertal (some 40KM from Essen) where we have a sister branch of our church. There was something different about the marathon prayer session (11pm-4am) this time; almost everyone (young and old) prayed throughout. It was both refreshing and exciting […]

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