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What do you bring to the table?

This week, I came across a social media post by an acquaintance, challenging his readers to use their gifts to add value to lives. I couldn’t agree more!

I am very passionate about adding value. We are blessed with great purpose and gifts to enable us add value on earth, for God’s glory.

If you are not affecting lives around you positively, you are wasting God’s investment in you.

Are you paying attention?

Many people around us are hurting, broken, lonely and spiritually stranded. All they feel is a heavy weight of hopelessness, without any help in sight.

But do you see the brokenness around you and are you having the check in your spirit that you’re there to do something tangible to help others?

The world doesn’t need more Christians with massive bibles but who aren’t committed to Christ’s mission to be the change agents God desires to use to shine His light into hearts and and bring eternal hope to many.

Are you paying attention to people’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs where you are?

Going beyond the message

Making Christ our message also means we are ‘washing the feet’ of others, showing compassion to the weak and being all things to all men without compromising our commitment to the authenticity of the gospel of Jesus.

After we have preached, we must live out our message. After our spiritual conferences, we must forgive offences. After our fasting, we must show kindness when dealing with others. After our spirit-filled worship services, we must tell the truth in every matter.

Our practical, day-to-day actions with people authenticate the richness and realness of our professed faith.

You are as valuable as the value you add to others // What do you bring to the table? Share on X

Embrace opportunities to add value

Purpose embraces opportunities and the challenge to add value to others.

Professionally, part of my personal goals on each assignment as a subject matter expert is to leave every client’s team better than I met them.

That means I invest energy and time into training, sharing knowledge and helping my clients to be better at what they do in my area of expertise when I’m gone.

What tangible actions can you take to improve the lives of others and make them better in very measurable ways?

You are NOT truly successful until those around you succeed… because we rise by lifting others with us // What do you bring to the table? Share on X

Stop focusing on yourself all the time purpose compels us to touch lives and bring hope to others.

It’s not enough to tell people to be better; help make them better. This is what we all need you to bring to the table adding tangible value to others where you are.

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