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My Interest or God’s?

From Joseph: This is a guest post by my friend, Sundi Jo. More about her at the end of this post.

Image: Sundi Jo

I’ve been disobedient. I went to bed the other night knowing it, but thought I’d give myself one more night to “sleep on it.” I woke up the next morning and decided enough was enough.

I wasn’t being disobedient on purpose. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own ideas I forget to ask God what He thinks. I get an idea and run with it; only to find out He didn’t give me the thumbs up. Someday I’m convinced I’ll get better at this.

It’s so easy to do though isn’t it? We get a great idea, tell ourselves there’s no way we were smart enough to come up with it ourselves and therefore assume God’s hands must be all over it. I’m not the only one who has done this right?

I was driving home from a trip to the grocery store one afternoon and this thought popped in my mind. I don’t come up with good ideas too often, so I knew I had to hold on to this one. I ran it by friends and family and got rave reviews to pursue it.

My first mistake? I forgot to ask God first.

I kicked the business venture into full gear. I registered the business name, had a logo created, built a website, ordered business cards, worked on more advertising resources, and even met with a few networking team members to kick into gear. Everything was set to go.

Each time I would put my focus on a specific task regarding this venture, I would get a feeling in the pit of my gut as though I wasn’t supposed to do this. The message, “I don’t want you pursuing this business” played over in my mind time and time again.

I kept shooing the voice away, thinking there was no way it could be God. It was a good idea people! Everyone was for it. Even strangers encouraged me to pursue it. I even had my first client before the official kick off. But I still kept hearing that message over and over again.

Then the message got even clearer. I was lying in bed when God got the point across.

“It may have been a good idea, but I didn’t tell you to do it. You’re closing the door to other opportunities because you’re too focused on this.”


I woke up, apologized to God, told Him I wanted to get back on track and started setting things in motion to do just that. It would have been a lot cheaper had I listened the first time, but I’ll have to deal with that and be okay with it. The feeling in the pit of my stomach is gone, I know I’m doing the right thing, and that beats money hands down.

I’ve put the business up for sale, told God I’m ready for Him to open the right door, and now I’ll wait. We serve a patient God, don’t we? He is full of compassion and His mercy is new every morning. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Have you done a spirit check to make sure you’re doing God’s will and not your own? Share your experience in the comment box.

About Sundi

Sundi Jo is an author, speaker, and small business owner, making her home in Branson, Missouri. Her first book Dear Dad, Did You Know I Was a Princess? comes out in Spring 2013. Find her on Facebook or Twitter.

About Joseph Iregbu

From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

17 Replies

  1. The F.L.O.C.K/ Facebook.

    I think many times we get confused with what is God’s perfect will and what our/God permissive will is. If we are not living in the Spirit of Holiness, we can never know what His perfect will is. We have to be lead by the Holy Spirit. Even Jesus was temped by satan for 40 days as He prayed in the Garden, who do we think we are to think that we can withstand the arrows of satan while living in this fleshly body without the Holy Spirit. This is why Jesus told His disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit, and you will have that power to fight with darkness. That same Jesus will be in you, giving you the right path to take and knowing that you are doing the perfect will of the Father.

    1. Thanks for the deep biblical insight

  2. Yes, been in your shoes Sundi, a couple of times 🙂 Amazing how long it takes to learn some of these lessons!

    1. Yeah. Glad I’m not God. I would’ve already struck me with lightning. 🙂

    2. Just out of interest, why are we so wired that way? I mean, why do we ‘enjoy’ such avoidable pain?

      1. I think we are just generally forgetful. We need reminders. And we don’t always know everything – life plays out different scenes and behind each is the same lesson. And then ofcourse we are sinners saved by grace. We’ll never hit ‘perfection’ on this side of life, we’ll always fall short, even when we ‘know’ better 🙂

        1. Indeed, great perspective. Thanks Ngina!

      2. Cause of our stinkin’ flesh.

  3. Sundi, it’s great to have you here. Your passion for God is evident in your craft. Thanks for your awesomeness!

    1. Thank you Joseph. Honored to be part of your blog.

  4. Great reminder, Sundi. I am often guilty of running ahead of God. And that door sure hurts when it hits you in the nose. I want to listen first and then act.

    1. Haha, the phrase “that door sure hurts when it hits you in the nose” makes me laugh…. but you’re absolutely right. Just looking into my life now, yeah it does hurt 🙂

    2. Yes. I’ve been hit in the nose a few times.. 🙂

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