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Sunday in Liverpool

Yesterday was Sunday and I spent it in my home church in Liverpool (DCLM). It coincided with our regular bi-monthly (every other month) prayer and fasting service; a time of waiting on God, praying through and breaking through.

It was (as is usual) a great time in God’s presence, despite the stomach bug that threatened to ‘mess me up’ but I prevailed over that too.

Here are 5 key prayer points the Holy Spirit moved me to pray for myself during the ‘marathon’ session. You’re welcome to share in my joy and claim for yourself too:

1. Lord, use me to give a platform to those without a voice so they can be heard.
2. Lord, bring me into an accelerated programme of favour and promotion.
3. I pray for a release of God’s best upon my life.
4. Through Calvary, I’m free from every yoke of the devil.
5. Lord, let your Holy Ghost power fill me for edifying the saints and for the strengthening of my faith.


Have a great week ahead!!!

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  1. Chukwu goodness maxiluv

    Waooh so gud 2 hear u go 2 DCLM dats my church too bt in nigeria,Ebonyi state 2 b precies

    1. Yes I do. Hope you find the blog useful. More info on my website @
      God bless you.

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