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How to Navigate Pain and Suffering

In recent months, I’ve had to deal with some personal pain. From losing a loved one to dealing with disappointments, hurts and waiting on God for a miracle that’s yet to come through.

We have all experienced some form of pain and perhaps you’re still going through something today, waiting for the darkness to lift.

Pain a present reality

Pain is a present reality in the world we live in. You cannot escape it.

One of the outcome of man’s fall in the garden is personal pain and suffering. A life of toil, childbirth and death are painful experiences activated by the original sin Genesis 3:16-19.

Earlier in the year, I read a book on suffering and God’s sovereignty. It was a huge challenge and it came with some hard truths about the sovereignty of God. You must admit, sometimes we can’t find the answers to all our “Why, God?” questions.

That’s one of the beauties of the Christian life the fact that I’m reminded of my finite capability and God’s ultimate reign over my life.

We don’t know it all but God does, and we can rest in the knowledge that everything rests with Him.

Pain a blessing in disguise

Have you fallen on hard times lately? There’s no doubt hard times have been magnified by the current pandemic.

I don’t know what you’re going through today but allow me to encourage you with this truth:

The process of growth always involves pain. The hard times are preparing you for greater things. Keep pushing. Don’t give up.

In His infinite wisdom, God often works through our pain to bring about His glory and our personal growth.

We are refined by fire, not pleasure — Isaiah 48:10. Click To Tweet

The pain of rejection, slavery and prison brought Joseph to prominence. The pain of barrenness inspired the prayer and holy trust in Hannah that birth Samuel. The pain of Christ on Calvary brought about saving grace.

Pain can be a blessing in disguise embrace it and let God shape you through it.

Navigating your pain and suffering

So how do you navigate life in times of suffering and pain?

For me, I do it with gratitude, praise and a single-minded focus on the sovereignty of God (worship), with an added dose of Christ-centred community, starting with my wife and children.

Side note: Don’t do life alone. Find your community and plug in.

I resolved years ago in my heart that God is good and faithful, whatever my lot.

Is life always fair? No. Do I often feel overwhelmed when the answers are not coming? Yes. Is God good? Oh yes, He is. All the time? Absolutely! That’s why I love Psalm 16:5.

The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. Click To Tweet

In your suffering, there’s much to be grateful for, much to praise God for, and much more to worship Him for.

Job worshipped with boils all over his body. Paul rejoiced in his chains and bonds. Christ forgave on the Cross.

How would you navigate your pain and suffering? With God-centred, Christ-exalting joy Romans 5:3-5.

Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash.

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