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How To Overcome The Spiritual Struggle Within

When Joni Eareckson Toda had a diving accident at age 15, little did she know this was going to be a life-changing incident.

Soon, the reality of her paralysis (from neck down) kicked in.

On her hospital bed, where she was rushed in for extensive tests, the bed sheet covering her slipped to the side, leaving her briefly exposed.

As she attempted to pull it back, she simply could not. The will was present but as much as she tried, her arms and hands could not move.

In this case, Joni’s struggle was physical. But we’ve all had similar spiritual experiences; having a desire to ‘do right’ but unable to follow through Romans 7:14-25.

Why do I struggle?

Before you completely despair and give up, let me say that you’re not alone in your struggle.

I know many who, like me, have struggled in the past with similar tensions… having a deep desire to love and obey Jesus in all things but fail sometimes to live them out as intended.

The great Apostle Paul once found himself dealing with his own tensions too Romans 7:14-15.

Some are dealing with the inability to prioritise their lives, others simply cannot tame their tongues.

Some are struggling to pray consistently, others are repeatedly falling back into sexual sins.

The truth is, the Christian life is war; not with other people but against indwelling sin in our hearts and the devil. But because Jesus overcame, we also will overcome.

I’ve often said that the #1 problem of man is NOT poverty but sin (as a nature more than an act). Being saved from sin does not mean we lose the capability to be tempted or fall into sin.

The power of sin is real and its pull very assertive, and the devil is constantly shooting those fiery darts to cause the believer to compromise Ephesians 6:16.

Paul describes the tussle from his personal experience; the will to please God is evident but the outcome is contrary because there is ‘another law’ at work Romans 7:20-21, Galatians 5:17.

And only a GREATER ‘law’ (the power of the glorious grace of Jesus) can overcome what is contrary to Christ.

Only one way out of the struggle

I don’t know what you’re dealing or struggling with in your Christian walk.

But there comes a time when you must resolve and cry out:

“I can’t live like this anymore. I’m exhausted. I’m tired of struggling. I cannot keep hiding under the shadow of church activities. Oh wretched man that I am!” — Romans 7:24. 

The work of Christ on the cross was perfect; perfect to justify the unjust, and perfect for the progressive sanctification of the redeemed Romans 3:26, John 1:29, 1 Thessalonians 5:22-24.

And so your only hope to be truly free from the shackles of indwelling sin is your total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus.

It’s not enough to accept Christ as Saviour for the forgiveness of your sins. Without your complete surrender, He cannot be your Lord. Only then will He rule your heart and destroy the yoke of every bondage Romans 6:6,14, Hebrews 12:1-2.

Like Christian in the 1678 Christian allegory, Pilgrim’s Progress, the weight of your sinful and spiritual struggles are more than you can bear. But in Christ, there’s the promise of total freedom.

Until you come to the place of surrender, you cannot know true freedom. It’s time to surrender all to Him; that’s the ONLY way out of your struggles within Romans 7:24-25.

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