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Life Lessons from Storm Arwen

This past weekend was a difficult one for us. Storm Arwen hit the UK and we were not spared some of its impacts. From Wales to Aberdeenshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and Wirral, the storm wrecked havoc.

As I write, some are in their fourth day without power supply in their homes. That was us from Friday to Sunday.

As the gale-force winds battered us, we had power cut for nearly 36 hours under sub-zero temperatures. It was an emotionally draining experience, especially with our children.

When you consider some lives were lost and properties significantly damaged, we were graciously spared the worst.

But the experience left me reflecting on three key life lessons I want to share with you.

Never take ‘little blessings’ for granted

We don’t always appreciate what we have until we experience the unexpected. I grew up in Nigeria, where lack of stable electricity continues to cripple the socio-economic outcome of the citizens.

Living in the UK, the reverse is the case. The idea of losing power for 30 minutes is unthinkable. So this weekend, I was reminded to appreciate my numerous ‘little blessings’.

The reality is that we have many opportunities that we so often take for granted and forget that millions do not enjoy the same privilege.

Gratitude ought to be our natural response for everything we have been blessed with, including the things we don’t have.

When the kitchen table becomes colder than your fridge, or you suddenly lose heating in minus 4 degree weather for days, have no access to hot water, no internet or mobile network and unable to cook, then perspective kicks in.

I encourage you to count your blessings, in good and bad times. And you will see there’s significant scope for gratitude Psalm 103:2.

Relationships matter

I’m a firm believer in building solid, positive and mutual life-giving relationships.

If you treat people right, people will treat you right // Life Lessons from Storm Arwen Share on X

On Saturday, we spent the morning searching hotel availability to no avail before heading to the home of a couple from our cell group. We had lots of fun with them and of course their house was warm.

For a moment, we put aside our worries about the storm and power cut, and enjoyed their company. We repeated the same cycle on Sunday, but this time with a different family.

What’s my point?

When life happens, do you have a close network of people you can lean on? Can others lean on you in their time of crisis?

Invest in building meaningful relationships with people; you will need each other someday.

Family is everything

As we drove across towns, spent time with others, lighted candles across the house in an attempt to muster any heat possible in the night and slept in blistering cold, one thing was constant throughout our ordeal: family.

We had one another through it all. We experienced the lows together. Even the children braved it without ‘drama’.

‘Doing life’ with the people you love means you can go farther than you can alone. So, cherish your family bond. Hold on to them and be present in every situation.

Family is everything.

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