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4 Important Steps to Changing Your Life

Every June 1 is special for me; it’s my birthday! I spent this morning praying with my beloved family, deeply reflecting on God’s boundless mercies and unwavering faithfulness.

My reflections today reminded me of the essence of life and the importance of living with a sense of urgency.

Not everything we do or chase has eternal significance. So pay attention — not just to how many days you have lived or have left, but to what you’re doing with each precious moment!

Watch out for the warning signs

A key question in the pursuit of your God-intended purpose is:

Am I building the right legacy? Whose narrative am I pursuing today? Am I on track to fulfilling God’s call on my life?

You must consistently ask yourself these questions. Until you pause, think and review your life, it may be too late before you realize you’ve taken a dangerous detour.

Don’t brush this off. I know people who are now sharing their heart-wrenching stories. Why? They chose to turn a blind eye to the glaring signs — the signs that screamed they were living a false narrative.

The consequence of failing to lead a purposeful, God-inspired life can be devastating. The agony of wasted years can cut deep, leaving scars that might never fully heal on this side of eternity.

But you can change your life today so you don’t have to suffer needlessly. You have the power to make a profound impact on earth and craft an extraordinary story.

Here are the 4 absolutely vital steps for creating lasting change in your life. If you’re truly committed to leaving a positive and enduring legacy, you must embrace this way of living with every fiber of your being.

Ask yourself tough questions

By this I don’t mean to distrust yourself. Rather, pause and ask yourself soul-searching questions about your life.

If you’re going to reignite the spark, this is your moment. Where have you missed the mark? Realize if and how you have veered off course from purposeful living, and let that knowledge fuel your fire to get back on track!

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself tough questions.

Make up your mind and commit to change course

The hard questions must be followed up by plain truths about how committed (or not) you’ve been to living out God’s purpose for your life. But knowledge is not enough; you must resolve and commit to personal change.

Commit yourself spiritually, mentally and physically to positive change in your life. Invest in your personal discipline. Change your mindset. Get a grip on your behaviors. Pray earnestly for true transformation in your life.

This morning, I reminded myself of Psalm 39:4. Scriptures like this inspire you to pray, resolve and commit to staying the course of radical purpose.

Resolution is never enough without genuine commitment. However the Holy Spirit leads you to practical change, see it through with Him.

Learn from, grow with and add value to others

God never designed that we do life in isolation. The human soul craves and thrives in community. And the same is true when it comes to living on purpose.

Your calling is always tied to others in some way. And one key step to changing your life is to find your own community where you are both supported and can channel your gifts to be a blessing to others.

Find your community.

Trust and obey

The path of purpose is never easy. The journey to fulfilling your God-intended life on earth isn’t linear. And God never promised us it would be.

But if you trust God’s promises and obey His instructions, you will finish well. In the end, those who obey God leave a significant footprint and mark on others.

There is no greater way to change your life than trusting it into the hands of the very Author of it and walking in His steps.

Trust God with your story today.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.

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