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OK to Dream Big But Better to Start Small

The arrival of new years typical bring renewed sense of realism that all we desire in life are within reach. New years bring new expectations, which is very refreshing.

I congratulate you for ‘sticking with it’ in 2021 and emerging with renewed hopes for 2022. It’s a new year; dare to be optimistic.

It’s OK to dream BIG

I’m a firm believer in embracing big dreams and setting goals that stretch you.

Ambition is important. But with big ambitions, you need to develop the capacity to embrace the challenges that come with them and the commitment required to follow through.

God’s plan for His own are lofty — Jeremiah 29:11. Though He stretches us, God’s intended purpose is always bigger than us.

At the start of a new year, you have an opportunity to realign, restart and kick off with a clear vision for the next 12 months. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid of the visions that God lays on your heart.

Vision is so critical to living intentionally. It clarifies purpose, gives a sense of direction and inspires focus // OK to Dream Big But Better to Start Small Share on X

It’s better to start small

If you must dream, dream big. But don’t dream forever; you must work your goals.

Also, you cannot tackle big dreams, vision and goals at once. You must start small. Break down your vision into smaller achievable goals. Then look for opportunities to start small.

Starting small is not a sign of diminished ambition as some might think. Instead, it’s a sign of intentionality and focus.

Too many people are overwhelmed by big goals because they want to start big. No, that would be a mistake. Every small, intentional action counts towards achieving your goals.

Moses, having fled Egypt, started small in Midian, tending sheep in the desert (Exodus 3:1). Joseph started small in Portiphar’s house, having been bought from the slave market (Genesis 39:1).

Esther started small as an orphaned girl living in captivity (Esther 2:7). Jesus started small, learning carpentry (Mark 6:3) before the appointed season of His ministry.

They started from humble beginnings until God expanded their calling. But they started!

The most important thing is to be intentional about your decisions each day. It’s far better to focus on a small task and excel at it than trying your hands on five different things you never see through.

Great visions start small. Starting small creates momentum. And with momentum, coupled with consistency and commitment, you become unstoppable // OK to Dream Big But Better to Start Small Share on X

Starting small creates momentum

When we started our journey to financial freedom years ago, the key was to start small by paying off the smallest loans, however high the interest.

Why? Because we learned the importance of building momentum to tackle bigger debts. And it worked.

Maybe you haven’t started that podcast because you’ve been waiting 2 years for the optimal tech set up. No. Start with a podcast app on your smartphone or get a low-cost mic like I did initially.

Maybe you’re holding back your powerful story until you get a book contract from a traditional publisher. No. Start a blog and share your story and best work for free. Or even self-publish.

Starting small refines your vision, encourages discipline, creates tried and tested routine, increases productivity and, most importantly, builds momentum to tackle bigger goals.

Stop holding yourself back and start small today.

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