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Standing is just a step from falling.
So take heed my dear friend, that ye fall not.
And as ye stand, so stand firm that ye may with
One hand help one rise from a fall and with the
Other hand help another stand firm through it all.


It is good to be passionate to stand right and live
But standing by itself is to a leader what crawling is to
A baby; just the beginning of all beginnings.
A leader is not merely consumed by a passion to
Live right
A leader is not content to act right;
A leader is not excessively engrossed in the victory of
A single battle
A leader does not fold his arms in pity and watch
Others die
A leader does not say to himself “I am the leader”, rather
He affirms, “I am here to serve and pursue your joy”

A leader is consumed with both an inward and outward
Passion for the joy of others
Don’t sit around and wait for heaven to do something…
“Do Something!”
Release those folding arms of yours
Break loose those clutched fist and reach out to a
Perishing friend
“They walk among us”, someone said…. Indeed,
They walk among us. And we see them
“But will they walk among us in eternity?” That should be
The question that haunts your heart while you
Why? Because now you can make a difference.
Tomorrow, you may not. And when that morrow comes
God help your soul if you wasted yesterday. O, the
Pain of the thought!

Do you hear the pain in their heart?
They are young but bound
Free but weak
Silky but guilty
Bold but cold
Strong but, no… they are not strong
They need you, they need to be free
For they walk among us

You call them rascals, but they are
You chase them away but God brings them
Your way
You think they are filthy but on the last day,
We shall know the guilty
O God, help my soul that I be not found
Like so.

Stand. Stand. Stand. They walk among us
Stand for the salvation of this generation
Stand for the purity of our bodies
Stand for the wholeness of grace
Stand for the lost and returning
Stand for the fallen
Stand for the rising
Stand for yourself
Stand for your neighbour
Stand for the rejected
Stand for the celebrated
Stand… for the youths that walk among us,
For you were born to stand!

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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