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8 Attributes of a Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

From Joseph: This is the concluding edition of a two-part guest post by Pastor Anthony Ojo. In this post, we will explore four more attributes that’s fundamental in spiritual leadership. You can read more about Pastor Ojo at the end of the post.

Last week, we looked at four important attributes necessary to grow and sustain spiritual leadership. We considered:

Sincerity – be honest and open.
Service – follow the model Christ laid down; service-oriented.
Selflessness – give yourself away to building others up.
Sacrifice – Sacrifice is contagious. 


Compelling attributes of spiritual leadership

5. Study: A leader is a learner. To lead men, you must know and be ahead of them. You must study to renew your arsenal.

Truth is dynamic, hence if you do not refresh your knowledge through study, you will become stale and irrelevant. (II Timothy 3:14)

It is dangerous to be an ignorant leader; it is catastrophic for a leader to be ignorant and not know it. Share this.

6. Supplication: For a spiritual leader to be truly effective, he must bring in the supernatural. Prayer is the means to get God involved in your life and ministry.

The subjects of your prayer should include wisdom, grace, direction, favor and the upholding hands of God.

Many challenges that confront leadership are subjects of earnest supplication. There is nothing beyond God’s reach, so depend on Him as your Strength and Shield. (I Kings 3:5-10)

7. Steadfastness: An inconsistent leader is a contradiction in terms. As you lead, you must walk the talk. What you teach in word, you should demonstrate in action.

It is your personal example that substantiates your words and gives credibility to your leadership. (Galatians 2:11-18; Philippians 3:17)

8. Synergy: A spiritual leader expands the scope of his assignment by involving others.

To do this effectively, you need to look beyond your interest, invest time to understand others, give trust and work at earning it.

Question: Are you a spiritual leader or know someone who is? What do you think are some of the most significant challenges in spiritual leadership? Share your comment.

About Pastor Ojo

Anthony Ojo is the Northern European Overseer of Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM). A trained technology consultant, he’s a leadership & career coach and seasoned counselor. He runs Deofocus, a coaching and counseling consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Pastor Ojo is married with children.

He’s passionate about helping others discover their true values and live true to them. You can connect with him on Facebook for more leadership and spiritual inspirations.

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  1. I think many leaders get so caught up in serving others and in doing good things that their time with God suffers. They don’t have enough time to spend in prayer. I need prayer time. I need to connect with God. I can tell when my prayer time is lacking because small things upset me. I get off balance when I don’t spend enough time with God. And being in church and//or surrounded by Christians isn’t the same as one-on-one time with God. Jesus went away to be with God on a regular basis, we need to do the same.

    great lists!

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