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The Socket and the Plug

Four years ago, God gave me an analogy of the Christian life that has remained with me ever since.

“I AM THE SOCKET, and you are the plug. If you want any power in you, PLUG into ME.”

Socket and Plug

God was saying to me, “You’ll be cold, useless, irrelevant and powerless without me. Just as the plug is useless without current flowing through it, so are you without my Spirit in you.”

That was an eye opener for me. We are absolutely zero outside of Christ — no matter our finesse and position of influence.

The House Owner, The Socket & The Current

The plug in itself is worthless if it’s not connected to the socket. Power can only flow through the socket into the plug. There’s no other way. But that’s not all.

Without electricity moving through the cables to the socket and to the plug, there can be no spark, no power. But someone needs to kickstart the whole process — the One who holds the switch.

There’s more to experience after salvation and God is eager to unleash Himself on us. Let me break down the analogy a bit more…

The House Owner = GOD (John 15:1)
The Socket = Jesus (John 15:1-6)
The Electric Current = Holy Spirit ( Acts 1:8)

When we release ourselves to God by connecting to the Socket (Jesus), the House Owner (God) turns the switch on. At that point, the current (Holy Spirit) flows into us, through the socket. That’s how we experience the supernatural power of God.

A misconception of grace

There’s a growing misconception of grace unfortunately engrained in the fabrics of contemporary pentecostal movements. This is not new actually. Grace is often used as a tool to fake as a plug connected to the socket but lacking electric current. Or worse still, as a plug disconnected from the socket altogether!

Liberty in Christ doesn’t encourage sin — it should destroy the root of sin instead. When we convince ourselves that we cannot live sin-free, we discredit the very essence of the Cross.

Joshua Harris once put it this way:

“You know there is something wrong with your Christianity the moment you start thinking of what you are allowed or not allowed to do, rather than loving and living for Jesus”

And the more we are connected and charged by the Holy Ghost, the more alive we become to God’s power and holiness — without compromising the essence of grace.

There’s got to be more!

God is seeking Christians whose heart are hungry for Him — for His power, for His glory, for His name. He desires to fill us so we can replicate Him in others around us (Acts 1:8).

He wants us to get plugged in so He can let His Spirit flow through us. Without Him, we can do nothing eternally meaningful. Are you ready to make that connection today and stay that way the rest of your life? I am!

“Here I am Lord; I am the plug, you are the socket and You hold the key to the switch and current. I am ready for this, there’s got to be more of You — TURN THE SWITCH ON, I’M PLUGGED IN.”

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” Matthew 5:6.

Image courtesy of Rudolf Vlček

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  1. This morning I just about to open my eyes and I heard the Holy Spirit say find an extension cord and plug it in and the I felt a surge of energy through my body, as I prayed this morning asking the Lord what He meant this came up, and I knew exactly what the Lord was saying to me. Thank for sharing this it is so amazing. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Awesome post! So powerful and true.
    Great analogy.

    1. Thanks TC. God bless you for reading and sharing.

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