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7 Things I Discovered About My Daughter

I spent last week in ‘seclusion!’ OK, not quite what you think…

The Joy of Unplugging

My wife and I (and you know who else) decided it was time to shut down and shut out – detach temporarily from the noise of the world around us and focus on what really matter to us… us, as a family. So we unplugged!

No Facebook status updates!
No tweets!!
No Skype!!!
No phone calls!!!!
No blog posts!!!!!

We headed to Soestduinen, a little, serene town in central Netherlands.

With no prior knowledge of the town (or country), we drove 2 hours to a fine resort, surrounded by massive expanse of woodlands. We had an awesome family break.

Seven New Discoveries About Isabel

Isabel-Juda turns 9 months this week and her life has been nothing short of joy and awe. We’re constantly discovering something new and interesting about her; allow me share just seven with you (some of which I found out while we were away last week):

  • She loves outside views. Her best part of the house is the patio doors in the living room – she can sit there for an hour and simply absorb the outside views without any sign of boredom. It’s her meditation spot!
  • She prefers the iPad and iPhone to Blackberry (who doesn’t!). And to prove it, this is what happens when she has the BB but sees the iPhone…


  • She can hold a conference meeting with herself for as long as she wants. Yes, she speaks a language only she understands.
  • She absolutely loves FIFA 13 on the iPad. Over the weekend, she started to shout ‘GOAL!’ whenever I score. Hers go more like ‘Kaaaa!’
  • She loves to clap her hands at home and in church. I still can’t get a video because she stops whenever she sights the iPhone recording her.
  • She now has 7 teeth, which is amazing at 9 months!
  • She made what looks like her first breakfast order last week. Take a look…


The Best Job on the Planet

I heard people talk about the joy of parenting before we had our daughter. Being one now, I wouldn’t say it’s easy but without a shadow of doubt it’s the best job on the planet.

Watching an infant grow in your house and one day call you FATHER is priceless! And the look on their face when they see you makes you realize they know you aren’t a stranger. That amazes me.

Here’s wishing Isabel more years ahead as she grows to live intentionally and fulfill her God-intended purpose.

When was the last time you took a break from ‘routine’ to spend with those closest to you? What did you do or learn in the process? Leave a comment.

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16 Replies

  1. DonyaDunlap

    What a precious and smart little girl!

  2. Those are precious years when they are little, enjoy them! I’m glad you had a good get away, I’m looking forward to doing the same thing with my family next month!

    1. Thank you @disqus_PczE90NBqk:disqus. The break was well needed at the time. I’m savoring each day with my family… they are God’s gift. Going outside Ukraine?

  3. I’m pretty certain I heard Isabel order pancakes and coffee for breakfast! Good choice, little girl! I’m glad your family had relaxing time unplugging!

    1. Coffee???????????? WOW, @twitter-260030929:disqus you’re definitely given to coffee! 🙂 Thank you!

      1. Tracy Steel

        Eileen- I am pretty sure I heard “I want green tea like my friend Tracy likes..” Lol. Just sayin! Joseph- I am also glad you unplugged and had a blessed time. I look forward to doing the same when we come to Germany!

        1. Sorry @twitter-260030929:disqus but green tea does sound more child-friendly 🙂 @16c417b4aedd653e92f720fcff79477c:disqus I have no doubt you will love touring Germany. Say hello when you’re in town.

  4. Joseph isn’t amazing to see and understand the Father through being a father? The absolute love, care, and concern you have for your daughter in comparison to the love, care, and concern our Father has for us. Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

    1. Hey Dave, thanks. I agree – we often catch a glimpse of the Father’s love through our expression of it to our children. What a divine privilege. Hope your day is going well.

  5. Being a parent has been one of the greatest blessings God has given me. Such a joy!

    Thanks for sharing this, your daughter is amazing and beautiful!

    1. Thanks TC! Parenting indeed is awesome. Isabel will blush to hear that 🙂

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