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Let me share with you some key lessons from our New Year Service yesterday interlaced with my own words of courage, challenge and encouragement; worth a read, worth a note and worth an action!

To make this year profitable, the following steps will help you:
1. Begin today when the enthusiasm is still fresh. Don’t wait till ‘another time’. Don’t be slotthful, rather be fervent. Get rid of laziness in your life and pursue your God-inspired dreams! Romans 12:11.
2. Choose a few things you can do well. Don’t make an unnecessarily long list of goals to ensure you avoid distractions. Focus is the key, precision is the watchword. By the way, have you written down your goals for 2012? What are you waiting for!?
3. Set yourself up for success by making helpful associations. Consider getting out of that friendship or relationship that has proved your undoing over the years. It will take boldness and courage, I know. But that’s the only way forward. Be courageous and get out! Seek a mentor. Find a coach. Build new and positive relationships. As a Coach and Mentor, I’m more than happy to help. Get in touch with me or find someone near you who can help you. While speaking to a group of young people last week, I said “Asking for help is not natural to us. We simply loathe it. But if you must succeed in life, we need others… especially those who’ve walked the path we tread or dream to follow”
4. Celebrate every victory, no matter how little (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Enjoy the moment. Give yourself a treat when you do well or hit a set target… and feel good about your achievements.
5. Make God your strength and let Him fight your battles (Psalm 20:7-8). Who else can bear those burdens and lead on the battlefield like He does!?

Resolve in your heart to be the best this year, resolve to do well and good. Your positive and God-filled resolve will inspire faith and stimulate a life of prayer. Make every action you take this year to count, maintain your focus (Psalm 57:7) and I guarantee you this: YOU WILL NOT WASTE YOUR LIFE this year!

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