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What Does It REALLY Matter What People Say?

When it comes to living the God-intended life, be ready to embrace the criticisms that come with making personal but God-centred decisions that may be unpopular with others.

Understand this: people will talk about you. Some good, some not so good, and both for the right and wrong reasons.

Negative criticism, the fear of rejection and isolation are never reasons to subjugate your purpose under the controlling influence of men.

Oftentimes, people’s opinions are largely based on second-hand information that misses the mark on the truth.

Who holds the key to your life?

Over the years, I’ve met people who have become emotionally and spiritually gripped by the fear of negative perception and criticism by others.

Jesus was criticised by religious leaders but it didn’t stop His mission on earth.

The apostles were severely criticised and persecuted. But their resolve and testimonies grew stronger, leading to the spread of the gospel Acts 4:15-20, 8:4, 12:3-5.

If your life revolves around seeking the approval of men BEFORE taking any decisive actions about your personal, family and spiritual growth, you can neither fulfill purpose nor go far with God // So, What Does It REALLY Matter What… Click To Tweet

Should you care about how your decisions and actions impact others? Absolutely, you must! We are to look to the interest of others with consideration for their welfare Philippians 2:3-4.

Should you surround yourself with healthy mentors and seek counsel for key life decisions? Absolutely! (Read this post on 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Spiritual Mentor)

But to literally have your life under the holding influence of individuals who virtually control your decisions will always lead to emotional and spiritual abuse.

The question is simple: who holds the key to your life?

Quit playing to the gallery

In his book, You Have A Brain, Dr. Ben Carson shares how he shaped his future by taking control of his own decisions and attitude to overcome self-doubt, fear and negative thoughts.

Your life and walk with God is firstly and ultimately a personal one, albeit often lived out in communities. But it remains personal.

If you outsource your life decisions to pastors and mentors, you’re not in control of your life and have no tangible relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Knowing your purpose is not a community project but a personal one. How the Holy Spirit calls you to express it might take multiple dimensions over time.

Sometime ago, a friend once told me how much fear of what others might say grips him at the idea of quitting an active ministry he knows isn’t his calling. What a shame!

When we lose sight of the fear of God, the fear of man becomes a mainstay in our mind and heart // So, What Does It REALLY Matter What People Say? Click To Tweet

It’s better to disappoint people today if that brings us closer to Christ and our divine calling.

Quit playing to the gallery of men. Better to make heaven than lose your soul on the altar of false pretense in public ministry.

You will give account to the One who has power to destroy both the body and soul Matthew 10:28.

So, What Does It REALLY Matter What People Say?

You cannot please everyone; God didn’t give you that assignment.

2 Timothy 1:7 affirms that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

A sound mind is primarily preoccupied with what God thinks of our motives, attitudes and decisions, not man.

If you are consistently more worried about letting people down (or pleasing them) than you are focused on honouring Christ, you have made idols men and Christ cannot be glorified.

So, does it REALLY matter what people say about you when you are committed to living out the God-intended life?

Let us be more concerned about the report of heaven about us. In Christ’s affirming grace, correcting love and empowering truth, we find our deepest satisfaction.

And that’s all that ultimately matters.

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