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I spent some time reflecting today on how far, long, tough and sweet the journey of this year has been for me and my family. In 2011, we took risks… I mean lots of it:

  • Hosted the launch of TheLifeCourse in Liverpool
  • Drove over 1000 miles with my wife in 2 consecutive weekends to speak at conferences (I should say she did the driving. I know, just say it; “shame on you Joseph!” Thank you :-))
  • Underwent a massive transition from the UK to Germany with my wife
  • Missed (and still do) friends and family
  • Travelled more than my entire twenty-something years on earth combined
  • Found a new church
  • Thrown into the deep end in ministry
  • Set up and furnished an entirely bare apartment (I mean it was bare, just painted walls!), a place we now call home
  • Learning a new language
  • Starting a coaching scheme shortly

And the list is endless and all of these represent a form of risk; some more serious that others.

Trust me, none of these was easy. Transition was tough; deciding to leave home and sojourn in a foreign land with no family was tougher. But we did it. We took risks, knowing at each step of the way, we were not alone. Today, I speak from hindsight; so glad we made the move! So glad I took the challenge to lead TheLifeCourse in Liverpool!! So glad I travelled to speak at those conferences!!! Why? Because I see the numerous fruits of those risks we took.

I know some of the decisions you need to take scare you today but you will never know how capable, strong and committed to a cause you are until you take that leap of faith and launch out into the deep. All of life is risk in itself. Risk takers lead; they make all the difference in our world. Others just watch and live with the outcome and impact of what we do.

But may I add… before you leap in a hurry; pause, pray, seek direction and then GO!!!

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2 Replies

  1. Amen… thanks brother for all you do!

  2. Well said Joseph! I pray with the help of the Holy Spirit you will always be a source of inspiration. Amen

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