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The Richest Place in the World

If I asked you to name the richest place in the world, where comes to mind? I have a feeling you might get it wrong and I will tell you why. My hope is that this post inspires you to resolve to become more intentional with your life.

I was in a conversation with a friend recently on intentionality and coming off that discourse, I had a reinforced belief that the biggest crisis of any generation is ultimately the failure of purpose.

Money is not the main indicator of success; the fulfilment of purpose is. Any life lived outside of its God-intended purpose is a wasted life.

The richest place in the world

It’s been said that the richest place in the world is the graveyard. It may sound metaphorical but I agree 100%. In the grave, you have innumerable unfulfilled dreams and visions buried before their time.

However, the tragedy of this reality is that hardly anyone planned to die with regrets at the end of their life on earth. And that’s what happens if we fail to live on purpose. Unfortunately, the grave gets richer every day.

I remember when I first discovered my calling and purpose. I was beyond excited. It was from that moment I understood what it means to live. 

You are not truly alive until you discover and get on the path of purpose // The Richest Place in the World Share on X

Many people are in the world, but not everyone is alive and truly living. Knowing and pursuing your life’s calling is the ONLY way to ensure you don’t waste your life.

Don’t live for the here and now alone

Get this straight — many people around the world are dependent on YOUR calling.

Some need someone like you to help them gain clarity about their own lives, including those you may never get to meet.

Imagine if you never became intentional about your life, to know why you’re in the world, to pursue a cause bigger than you. Imagine if you failed to chase after the very reason for which you were created?

Don’t joke with your life; it’s not a game.

First, you must know your WHY. If you haven’t, pray earnestly about it, asking the question “Lord, what would you have me do?”

But prayer needs legs (action). Get on with being intentional with your life, decisions and connections. Get on with serving where you are. Get on with being authentic. Get on with investing in your personal growth.

In due course, clarity on your calling will come.

Life is short, eternity is forever

Life is full of distractions, right? But you must cut through the noise to grasp what truly matters in time and eternity.

The privilege to inspire others to be intentional is one that I don’t take for granted. And each day, I’m committed to making that cause more about God and less about me.

Is your vision of life BIGGER than you? If not, maybe you haven’t truly discovered purpose or pictured it correctly.

Your calling must be so relevant that it outlives you. Don’t live for the here and now alone — there’s more! // The Richest Place in the World Share on X

You must commit to living to die empty — don’t hold back from pouring your gifts, resources, knowledge and passion into helping others become intentional. Live with eternity in view.

Life is short, eternity is forever, so I urge you live to die without regrets.

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