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3 Ways to Renew Your Mind

Our spiritual wellbeing is crucial.

Image courtesy of  virtualdjrihq

Image courtesy of virtualdjrihq

God desires first and foremost that we are in spiritual health. John aptly puts it this way:

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” (3 John 2)

Your appetite determines your growth

The Christian life is a two-way relationship that requires we stay deeply and constantly connected to God. If we are not rooted, we risk withering away. Our spiritual appetite does matter in this process.

What we feed our souls determines if and how we grow spiritually – this is our responsibility. Growth happens when we become intentional. We don’t grow physically by ‘accident’, neither can we spiritually.

Our Christian lives are hugely a reflection of our appetite. The context and content (quality and quantity) of our spiritual food matters.

What are you feeding your soul daily?

Junk or balanced diet? Filthy or healthy spiritual relationships? Reality TV or God’s Reality (The Bible)?

A few years a ago, I learned a vital spiritual truth:

What you feed your soul today will someday eat you up; whether good or bad. Tweet this

What does your appetite look like? If your spiritual state is not looking very healthy right now, maybe it’s time to take Paul’s advise and do this:

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  Romans 12:2 ESV.

Three ways to renew your mind

To renew your mind means exactly what it says: RENEW, start again, fresh… new.

There are three practical steps you can take today to renew your mind and influence your appetite: 

  1. Read your Bible. That’s right; YOUR Bible. Make it personal. There’s no spiritual shortcut. God’s word is not just relevant for you – it’s everything you need.
  2. Pray. Take baby steps in prayer. Start small and watch the Holy Spirit infuse you with energy to fall in love with Jesus through prayer.
  3. Connect with mind-renewing people. Don’t isolate yourself. Many Christians get this part all wrong by staying away from church fellowship. There’s power in community and it’s refreshing.

 Question: What practical steps do you take daily to stay spiritually fresh?

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7 Replies

  1. “Your appetite determines your growth.” What a true and powerful statement. Love it! Those are 3 great ways to renew our mind! I also read Christian books that will grow my faith.

    1. Yes, that also is crucial. Reading edifying books is powerful too. Thanks Dan for contributing.

  2. Fantastic points Joseph. We definitely need to refuel and recharge with good intake. One of the ways I try to do this is by reading and listening to positive things from people who have a similar set of values. Thanks for being one of those.

    1. I feel privileged, David 🙂

  3. Things I’ve done to help me stay spiritually healthy are to limit my TV time and to set my radio stations to only uplifting music or talk radio.

    1. Very practical and relevant. TV can be such a time waster!

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