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Remember Lot’s Wife

My first encounter with the story of Lot’s wife left a deep impression on me; a resolve to spiritual urgency in obedience to God.

Over the years, I have made many passionate plea to thousands not to waste their lives, citing Luke 17:32. However, the reality of the Christian life is that with each plea to others, I make twice to myself.

There’s always the inherent danger of being quick to ‘preach’ to others. However, scripture sets out the model for us:

“…Jesus began to do and teach” — Acts 1:1. Christ did before He taught.

We must build the authenticity of faith by living out our message first before we can gain the trust to preach it to others. Share on X

Not worth it

The story of Lot’s wife in Genesis 19 is a reminder to all Christian pilgrim.

Having been warned by two angels from the Lord to flee Sodom, Lot lingered with his family. When spiritual urgency was required, Lot lingered.

Perhaps the idea of leaving their home, familiar ground and relationships was too sudden and steep a step to take. We can relate. But in God’s timetable, this was no time for sentiments.

Are you lingering when you ought to obey God? Are you being pulled by the pleasures of life? Have you become sympathetic to issues that grieve God’s heart at the expense of your soul? Matthew 16:26.

Gauge your spiritual sensitivity to the sin in your heart and around you. Don't linger in compromise; it's not worth it. Share on X

The danger of drifting

There is a present danger of drifting if we fail to pay attention to God and respond with the urgency He demands.

We must not become complacent with our spiritual walk with Christ. Lot’s wife drifted (looked back) and the consequence of her disobedience was eternal.

If you do not listen earnestly to Jesus and consider Him daily and fix your eyes on Him hourly, then you will not stand still; you will go backward. You will float away from Christ.”

John Piper, Solid Joys.

The world is getting darker and more sinful. It won’t get better. Beware of those that speak of this present world becoming a better place. They’re not reading their Bible, hence not speaking truth.

The pilgrim’s path to the Celestial City is littered with temptations and trials in a world that promises false peace. But we must fix our eyes on the One who has called us to holiness and true righteousness.

Finishing strong

So what can you do (on your part) to ensure you do not drift? Here are four tips:

  1. Pay much closer attention to the Bible. Don’t simply read and know the content. Embrace the reality of scriptural truth and make it your life and walk Hebrews 2:1.
  2. Run your Christian race light and rid yourself of dead weight (sins that clings so closely). Don’t play with sin Hebrews 12:1.
  3. Run a marathon, not a sprint. “and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” The race is tough, but we have God’s grace for each day.
  4. Run with a single-minded focus on Jesus, not your pastor, mentor or denominational affiliation. Only Christ perfects our faith.

Don’t look back; the finish line is ahead of you. Remember lot’s wife Luke 17:32.

Photo by Andrea Leopardi on Unsplash.

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